Vileda Superhero Cleaning Campaign

Vileda have a ‘POW’erful superhero campaign running where you can become the next big cleaning superhero and banish bacteria from your home.


We put one of these powerful products to the test last year; I absolutely adore the Vileda Windomatic and I loved the results even more. I will always try anything that makes my life easier in terms of cleaning and if I can become a superhero in the process, who am I to argue.

The Windomatic leaves a really clean, streak free shine without the need to buff and shine. All you need to do is wash the windows with a normal wash and suck away the excess. I really was astonished at how good it was. We even compared it to my parents more costly window vac and it was by far the easiest to use with great results; the Vileda Windomatic is brilliant and had the added bonus of having a flexible head too.

So what did we love the most? (You can read my full review here)

  • It’s lightweight to hold and move,
  • is sturdy in design
  • the window is sucked clean in seconds (although, if you move the Windomatic too quickly, it won’t work as well).
  • And it has a flexible head
  • It’s perfect for mirrors as well as windows

Now you, like me, can join the forces and become one of the Vileda Superheroes; You can become The Teleporter, The Speed Demon, The Shape-Shifter or The Invisible.windomatic

All you need to do is purchase one of the four superhero products from the Vileda webshop between now and the 8th May, 20116 to be entered into their marvellous competition to win the rest of the superhero team! You can choose from:

  1. The innovative cordless 100?C Hot Spray Mop (RRP £59.99) which removes 99.9% of bacteria;
  2. The lightweight Steam Mop (RRP £89.99);
  3. The Windomatic window vacuum (RRP £49.99) to make cleaning windows and mirrors easier
  4. Or a next generation Cleaning Robot (RRP £149.99).

I certainly think I need to become The Invisible – with the Cleaning Robot, I wouldn’t need to worry about Benjamin finding the minutest of crumbs on the floor.the-invisible

Which superhero are you?


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