Vital Baby Nurture Health and Safety Kit

I was lucky enough to be asked to review the Vital Baby Nurture Health and Safety Kit by and have to say I wasn’t disappointed. This kit comes with three separate components: a two- in -one room and bath thermometer, a three-in-one FlexiSafe thermometer and nasal decongester. Its bright design makes it easy to find when in the cupboard and fun to use in the bath.

I absolutely love the room and bath thermometer for ease of use and cute design. I must admit that I will personally use it as a bath thermometer rather than as a room thermometer as I already have a different room thermometer but can see the benefit of having two products rolled into one; especially if you lack storage space. The digital display is so clear and easy to use; there is no mistaking the bath water temperature. It even tells you if the water is too cold or too hot. My daughter is a little too young to enjoy it as a bath toy at the minute, but it certainly has the potential. In the mean time, I use the cute teddy character to animate my bath-time stories!

The nasal decongester has also come in very handy over the past few days. When Isabella woke up in the middle of the night unable to breathe, I tried this wonderful creation. However, I found that she had to be very congested before this product worked as effectively as I wanted. If she was just a little bunged up, it didn’t do as much as I had hoped. To combat this, I squirted a bit of saline solution up her nose first and then used the nasal decongester to suck it all out – this seemed to work a lot better. I’m guessing that the older she gets, and the more mucus she gets, the better the product will work.

Overall I think this is a great product to keep in the cupboard as tiny babies can’t blow their noses and even the older babies don’t like to blow their noses – this is a safe, easy and painless alternative. The silicone tip fits perfectly in little noses and is just the right size to use one handed. I love the flexibility of the silicone bottom as it makes it easy to press and the plastic wings added the necessary leverage I needed to enable me to use this without using too mush pressure and hurting my baby. I was able to use this without causing any tears – a real bonus in my eyes.

The 3 in 1 thermometer does provide very accurate readings and lets you know if the baby’s temperature is too high or low which is great if you are a little unsure of how hot/cold your baby should be. My only issue with this product was that for a tiny baby who wriggles and doesn’t keep still very often, I felt it took too long to complete its reading. I found I could get the best reading from the armpit but feel that this would actually be more useful with an older baby or toddler who can control their movements a little better.

For £16.99 I think this product is a great buy and would recommend it for its accuracy and great design.




  1. I just don’t know how to turn the bath & room thermometer on , i just opened the box and I’m fiding very hard to use it , sometimes it turns on by it self could you help me?

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