Kidlo Land Nursery Rhymes App: Review and Giveaway

Nursery Rhymes and much much more

I’m not sure about you but my phone has always got a game or two on there for Isabella when we are out and about and she gets fidgety. There are a few that I’ve bought which after one or two goes, Isabella is bored of it because it is very repetitive and nothing new happens. Well the Kidlo Land Nursery Rhymes App is fantastic because there are over 225 interactive songs to choose from.

As soon as I let Isabella loose on the app, she was whizzing through the songs at a rate of knots because she was so excited about the huge amount of choice she had. You have your classic nursery rhymes as well as songs that are linked to the alphabet, vehicles, animals, fruits, shapes, months of the year and many more. There is even an activity pack that you can download which includes over 60 activities ranging from puzzles, cleaning animals, dot to dot for number recognition, and colour recognition games too.

 You don’t have to download all of the packages at the same time which is great if you don’t have a lot of storage on your phone but I wish it gave you the option to unlock all available packages if you wanted as every time Isabella wants to unlock a package she has to pass the phone to me to unlock it. This is a brilliant safety device to stop unwanted spend but when we are going on long journeys and I’m driving, it can cause issues. The other thing I like about the package is that you can take off packages from your phone when you no longer require them so it doesn’t take up valuable space on your phone or device.

  There is an option to create a playlist of up to 25 songs which will play one after the other. I really love the idea of this and I’ve tried to create a playlist but it’s not actually very clear how to do this. Once I had figured it out, it’s simple enough but could do with being a little clearer. For those of you who would like to set up a playlist, you can add the songs from the left hand column by selecting the + button in the drop down menu next to the song titles and then in the right hand column you can change the order one by one if you click through the arrows next to the song title. It would be easier if you could drag and drop the songs into your preferred order though.

 The wide variety of songs that are available is brilliant as it means that Isabella doesn’t get bored with the app in 5 minutes and want something else. She is more than happy to explore the different songs and activities available and I am happy that she is learning as well as enjoying herself. We love to sing wherever we are and this app means we can have a good old sing song wherever we are. There are some songs on there that I have never heard before but Isabella quite enjoys looking at them and learning the new tunes too.

 Both Isabella and Benjamin love the interactive element of the songs. They enjoy pushing the different characters to see what happens. My only criticism of this is that sometimes the actual song is drowned out by the noises the other characters are making. This element would be just as enjoyable if the characters moved but the sound effects were quieter.

The animations are great and it’s brilliantly colourful in every song. It captures and engages little ones. We even use it to stop Benjamin from wiggling when he’s having his nappy changed as it just captures him entirely so he is mesmerised by it.

I like that the app can be used offline so you don’t get a surprise by using up all your data on long trips or while waiting for your food to arrive in a restaurant. You can also download new content which is added monthly and more than that there are no really irritating adverts that pop up. There are three different download options available £3.99 for 1 month, £18.99 for 6 months or £29.99 for 12 months.

If you’d like to be one of three winners to win a 6 month subscription to this amazing app, all you need to do is leave your details below!

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