I though the Mamascarf was a brilliant idea as I was slightly self-conscious about breast feeding in public. Mamascarf says it is a breastfeeding scarf / nursing cover providing comfort, support, discretion and style. I however would have to disagree; the scarf really didn’t live up to my expectations.

I tried using the Mamascarf when Isabella was just a week old and I found that she was already too big to fit comfortably in this scarf; she was 8lb 1oz when she was born. While the scarf was easy enough to put on (you just tie a knot in it), I just found using it awkward and more of a hindrance when trying to breast feed my daughter. I was so disappointed with this product as I really loved the idea.

I also didn’t feel that the Mamascarf supported either me or my baby while breast feeding; it was more of a cover than anything else.

On a more positive side, this product did allow for a discreet feed once I had managed to get the baby in a comfortable position and latched on properly. I just found that I had to expose more than I had wanted in order to get the baby latched on the breast before I could cover both her and me.

For £17.99 I didn’t feel this product offered value for money. I only used the scarf a handful of times before tying a large muslin around my neck insead!

Image: Mamascarf


  1. elissabeth brookes says:

    Hi Michelle, I’m a local mum and I make breastfeeding covers. My product is different than the mamascarf as you use it more as a cover and less like a sling. I would be really happy to have you review it if your little one is still nursing. 🙂

    • Hi Elissabeth, My little one is still nursing and we would be delighted to review your breastfeeding cover. I am always looking for differnt ways to make nursing more discreet in public 🙂

  2. Hi Michelle
    I’m really sorry that you didn’t get on with the Mamascarf. Mamascarf is my product so I just wanted an opportunity to reply. I’m worried that you might not have been using it correctly. The baby shown in the main photograph is 6 months old (and you can see is quite a big baby). Tied correctly in the right place the Mamascarf can be used to feed babies up to and beyond this age. I know that this review was posted some time ago, but I only just spotted it now. Sorry hadn’t seen it sooner.
    Many thanks

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