Aldi’s Specialbuys Bedroom Range

We have been sent a couple of items from the Aldi Specalbuy bedding range to test out and I really love the overall quality and price!

We have tried the Feels Like Down Mattress Protector and the Feels Like Down Single Duvet which are really well made and fantastic value for money, especially with little ones who tend to make a little mess of things every now and then.

The duvet is 10.5 tog rating and really warm and snug. It’s super soft and doesn’t loose it’s shape or filling as it’s made from 100% microfibre. This makes a perfect duvet for a little one and the price is unbelievable – just £8.99 for a single duvet and can be machine washed at 40 degrees!


The Feels Like Down Matress Protector adds an extra layer of padding but because we are using a waterproof matress protector too (for any of those little accidents that are bound to happen during potty training)  it also stops the matress feeling slightly crinkly. We tried to find one that’s soft and we found a pretty good one but this Feels Like Down Matress Protector has made it even more comfortable to sleep on. For £4.79 what can go wrong? It too is machine washable at 40 degrees!

matress protector


Aldi Specialbuys always offer really good quality products at such a reasonable price. Check out what’s in store today.


  1. Herry Hermawan says:

    When buying mattress protector, there are some things to note; the materials used, the type of protector is required, and the specific needs of users.

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