Children’s room ideas

Back in March last year we decorated Benjamin’s nursery ready for when he came home and we were so excited to get everything ready; however, after getting it almost perfect (you can see what we did here) we decided to move again (we had only lived in that house for 2 years!).

Anyway, the move took place at the end of October and we’ve still got so much to do. I moved in with my parents for a week with the children while we had the boiler changed and while we were away, my husband painted the children’s rooms. I was adamant that I wanted them to have freshly painted rooms when we moved as we had only just finished their rooms in the old house.

We wanted to keep the same general décor for the most part and just add a few new touches this time round. Isabella ended up having the bigger bedroom and it’s got so much potential but I’m not going to be able to do everything I want right away so we decided to just paint and add photo ledge book shelves to make it look nice until we can tackle the rest.

 For Benjamin, we had so many nursery ideas but wondered if we were being a little short sighted now we are in our forever home. So decided once again to paint and add a few small decretive touches to make it a bright and fun nursery that we can adapt easily once he moves into a big boy bed. I think my favourite part of Benjamin’s nursery is his light – I feel like it adds to the fun element but will easily change once he’s grown out of it. Unfortunately we had a small accident when painting the ceiling of Benjamin’s room so now need to save for a new carpet as well!

 My plans for both the rooms are to get better fitted wardrobes. Isabella’s room has massive wardrobes but they just don’t really work; they are more of just a shell with too much empty space. We’ve tried to make do at the moment and have added storage units inside to help break up the space but as she grows, especially when she starts accessorising and wearing make-up she’s going to need a space that works a little better. Benjamin’s wardrobes are still big and are slightly better constructed but I’d still like to get some fitted wardrobes that have better storage at the bottom. I’d also love to eventually build him a mid-sleeper bed and have a cosy den underneath so he has a good size floor space to play.

 So this is where we are at so far but will keep updating as we go- have you got any children’s room ideas you’d like to share? I’m always looking for inspiration.

This post was written in collaboration with Homify.

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