Fisher-Price Butterfly Dreams three-in-one projector

Fisher-Price Butterfly Dreams three-in-one projector is an absolutely fantastic product. I’ve used cot mobiles before and I’ve used light and music projectors before but this is the first product that seemingly has it all!

As soon as it was assembled (which was really easy to do), I attached it onto the cot and gave it a whirl. The whole construction of the product feels strong and sturdy which is always good with modular products, especially because the light show unit is relatively heavy.

 The design is great in that you have the option to adapt its use for several things including using the teddy/butterflies as a fun buggy toy for little ones to talk to as you’re out and about. I haven’t used this on the buggy yet as I like to have it in the cot ready for all naps but perhaps once Benjamin is older and he doesn’t use the baby mobile any more, I will.

 I think for me, there are two great advantages to this mobile – the first being that you can detach the starry light show unit once baby is big enough, pop it on a side unit and still use the calming music and lightshow they have been used to for naps which should help keep them in their usual routine.

 The second masterful invention is the remote control unit. I really wish we had one of these when Isabella was a baby. There were so many nights where she’d nearly drop off to sleep, the mobile would stop and I’d have to go back into the room and wind up the mobile waking her up again with the noise. Even though you can’t use the devise from downstairs (that would just be amazing if you could!), you can just poke it through a gap in the door and you don’t need to disturb baby at all. Perfect!

 The light show is really soothing too and the gentle movement of the stars holds baby’s attention well. The only thing I wish you had the option to do is to change the brightness of the light show. I find it’s perfect when putting baby to bed but I also use the lullabies during night feeds to slowly lull baby back to sleep and I actually turn the light show off during the night feeds because it seems too bright in my bleary state. This doesn’t seem to affect Benjamin in the slightest, it’s just something I would like to have the option to do.

For under £40, I think this is great value and something I would certainly recommend to new parents.

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