Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Bubble Cot

koodiWe used the Koo-di Pop-Up Bubble Cot for the first time when I attended BritMumsLive. I had to travel on the train and tube with a pushchair, overnight bags for two adults and a baby, food for the trip and generally everything else but the kitchen sink. So when I thought about having to take a travel cot too, I wasn’t too impressed. Luckily for me, I was given the Bubble Cot when I arrived to London (but I did have to carry it home) however, I was really surprised about how compact and light it actually was; it weighs less than 2.2kgs.

Having seen how compact the Bubble Cot was when in the bag (L60 x W30 x H18cm), I thought it would be quite small when set up but it was actually very spacious; it measures L100 x W60 x H69cm when assembled. This was plenty of room for my little one to snuggle down in during the night. I also think it would be the perfect size to take on holiday with you and use on the beach or in the hotel/tent (if you’re camping).

There is an integral mosquito net with this cot but I haven’t used it yet, it’s simply stayed in the inside pocket of the tent.

Just by the name, I expected the cot to literally ‘pop’ up using those bendable rods but it doesn’t. There are four small rods that need to be fed through the material and closed up using the Velcro fastening (don’t worry it’s nothing like a normal tent!). This was a very easy process and really wasn’t a problem at all; like I said, I just expected it to ‘pop’ up without having to assemble anything.

The mattress that is included is ok, although I wouldn’t personally use it for overnight sleeping, I’d only use it for day time naps. I used the Bubble Cot Inflatable Mattress which comes with its own fitted sheet. This mattress comes with a foot pump included and didn’t take too long to inflate which was a bonus.

The Bubble Cot and mattresses themselves are great quality and feel strong and sturdy. The only negative about the design has to be the flimsiness of the carry bag. While it’s ok if you are carrying it or driving it somewhere yourself, I think it could easily rip if checked in at an airport.

I always dread re-packing anything that has a compact travel bag as I can never seem to get it to fit! The Bubble Cot however, was really easy to dismantle and fold back up; it’s not quite as neatly packaged as when it arrived but it’s not bad – it still fits in the travel bag along with the deflated mattress and foot pump!

This travel cot really is a great idea if you travel a lot or if you just want a cot for sleeping at the grandparents’ house. It’s small, lightweight and portable, it’s easy to assemble and de-assemble and more than that it looks comfy to sleep in.

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