Snuzpod 3 in 1 bedside cot

The first time I wrote about our amazing Snuzpod bedside cot was to talk though its pros as a co-sleeper; this post will be about its versatility for daytime naps.   The SnuzPod is really so much more than a bedside cot; because it has a removable bassinet, it can be moved to any room in the house. I have found the fact that it’s movable particularly helpful for daytime naps. Benjamin still has quite a few short naps during {Read More}

Nursery Makeover

We weren’t very organised this time round when it came to sorting and decorating the nursery ready for baby number two. I remember for Isabella we had the nursery painted and furniture made up by the April and she wasn’t due until the end of August; this time I was around 36 weeks when we finally got round to painting and putting up the furniture but it wasn’t until I was 38 weeks that we got most of it finished. {Read More}

Tomy TVF600 Video Monitor

I always thought that using a video monitor would make me more paranoid as a parent and that I’d be checking it every 10 seconds but I have to say, having used both a video monitor and a normal monitor, I would choose the video monitor every time now. It’s actually made me less paranoid as I can easily check on my baby if I hear strange breathing or squawks which seem quite common with Benjamin without feeling like I {Read More}

Bedside Crib

I (ok well Benjamin) has been testing out the SnuzPod from The Little Green Sheep Company for the last three weeks and here are our initial thoughts. I was so excited when the SnuzPod arrived as I had heard really great things about it and I haven’t been disappointed. I opened it up as soon as I’d put my daughter to bed and managed to easily assemble it (at 39 weeks pregnant) within half an hour. It’s really sturdy and well {Read More}

Aldi’s Specialbuys Bedroom Range

We have been sent a couple of items from the Aldi Specalbuy bedding range to test out and I really love the overall quality and price! We have tried the Feels Like Down Mattress Protector and the Feels Like Down Single Duvet which are really well made and fantastic value for money, especially with little ones who tend to make a little mess of things every now and then. The duvet is 10.5 tog rating and really warm and snug. {Read More}

Stuff Stuff Everywhere (review and competition – win £25 voucher)

I KNOW I can’t be the only one whose house, at times, seems to have been overtaken by some alien invasion also known as TOYS but sometimes it feels like everyone else’s house is immaculate and mine is just…well, I’ll let the picture tell you. We have a toy case with boxes in which hides a lot of the mess but sometimes, they just aren’t practical, either because the toys are too big or I need to keep groups of {Read More}

Children’s Lighting

Getting the balance right when lighting up a child’s bedroom can be extremely important. After all, you will want to ensure that they have enough light to feel comfortable, whilst ensuring you do not flood the room and in turn keep them awake at night. A child’s bedroom should be a special place – a sanctuary where they feel safe, but also one that is aesthetically pleasing. And at a young age, this is likely to mean fun patterns and {Read More}

A3 Personalised Art Frame

I’m sure, like me, many of you have kept your little ones art work but apart from the fridge (which is now full to bursting) you don’t have anywhere to display their work; well My First Years have some lovely personalised baby gifts – I have the beautiful Personalised A3 Art Frame (without glass) which you can use to display any artwork, even if it’s not flat because, let’s face it, not many pieces are just paint/pencil at this stage! The {Read More}

Winnie the Pooh Balloon Lightshow and Lullabies

This adorable Winnie the Pooh figure with light up balloon projector from Tomy is just brilliant. Even though I originally thought it was intended for younger babies, Isabella loves ‘Pooh Bear’ so much. She sat for ages on the first night with us in the front room just watching the stars change colour; it’s very peaceful ad calming. Not only does the figure have a projector which changes colour, it also has 5 different lullabies which you can set to {Read More}

Hug Me Bear Bedding Set

For me, one of the most important things to get right is your baby’s bedding because they spend a lot of their time in bed. We’ve tried a couple of different brands’ bedding sets and while all have looked lovely to begin with, once they’ve been washed a few times they lose their soft feel and can fade. The Hug Me Bear 4 piece bedding set is not only really soft and comfortable, but it’s made from organically grown naturally {Read More}