Puckababy 4 Seasons Sleeping Bag & Newborn Bag

The 4 Seasons baby and toddler sleeping bag is a genius idea! Until now, I’ve been buying three or four different sleeping bags in different tog ratings and this is actually quite expensive, especially because you need to have a couple of each tog rating but the 4 Seasons has come up with the answer. I was a little worried about how this would work at first but once it arrived and I had a look, it’s actually very easy. {Read More}

Natures Purest

If you have a baby, or know someone who does, you really MUST check out this lovely company naturespurest! Their products are made from 100% Organic Cotton (and they actually mean 100% Organic Cotton) meaning they don’t use any pesticides, chemicals or dyes either. Not only does this mean it’s great for the environment and your baby’s skin but I personally think it makes the products look more beautiful. I don’t know what it is about natural colours but I {Read More}

Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Bubble Cot

We used the Koo-di Pop-Up Bubble Cot for the first time when I attended BritMumsLive. I had to travel on the train and tube with a pushchair, overnight bags for two adults and a baby, food for the trip and generally everything else but the kitchen sink. So when I thought about having to take a travel cot too, I wasn’t too impressed. Luckily for me, I was given the Bubble Cot when I arrived to London (but I did {Read More}

Gro-Anywhere Blackout Blinds

We were given the Gro-Anywhere Blackout Blinds as a gift before my daughter was born and to be honest, for the first 6 months, we didn’t use them once. However, as soon as the clocks went forward and it was no longer dark(ish) at 6:30pm, my daughter refused to go to sleep; she thought it was still playtime because it was so light. This is when we decided to crack open the pack and put up the blinds! Within 3 {Read More}

Gro-Egg Thermometer

The Gro-Egg Thermometer is an incredibly accurate room thermometer with the added bonus of doubling up as a night light; the egg changes colour depending on the current room temperature meaning that regardless of the time of day, I can see at a glance if my baby’s room is at the right temperature. As a first time mum I found this concept really useful as I had no idea about how warm or cool a baby’s room needed to be. {Read More}