Puckababy 4 Seasons Sleeping Bag & Newborn Bag

imageThe 4 Seasons baby and toddler sleeping bag is a genius idea! Until now, I’ve been buying three or four different sleeping bags in different tog ratings and this is actually quite expensive, especially because you need to have a couple of each tog rating but the 4 Seasons has come up with the answer.

I was a little worried about how this would work at first but once it arrived and I had a look, it’s actually very easy. There is also a very handy video online to watch if you are unsure about how it will work.

The 4 seasons literally does as it says on the tin; it will last your little one from 7 months to 2 and a half years and depending on the weather you can change how you use the sleeping bag. The bag itself uses a popper system to add mittens to the sleeping bag for winter nights and a zip to add an extra layer or indeed to remove sleeves in the summer. The length on the inner bag can be adjusted with ties but I don’t personally feel it’s necessary and just leave the whole thing loose for extra wriggle room!

The material is really soft and warm. It looks and feels like great quality and washes really well. The outer bag is made from 100% cotton and the inner bag is made from 50% cotton and 50% microfiber.

The thing I like about using sleeping bags is that you know your little one won’t wriggle under the covers or kick them off and get too cold. I’ve never used a sleeping bag with sleeves before but I have to say I really like it. I thought it might have made the sleeping bag too thick and end up making Isabella resemble the Michelin Man but she still has a lot of movement in the bag and seems very comfortable.

The bag costs £84.99 which seems like a lot to spend on one sleeping bag but if I work out how much I spend on average for all the other sleeping bags I would have used, I’ve definitely saved money, even if I buy two because it will last until Isabella is 2 and a half.

If your little one isn’t quite old enough for the 4 Seasons yet but you want a sleeping bag with sleeves, the Newborn Bag is a perfect choice. It’s reversible and has built in scratch mittens so you know your little ones hands will stay warm. There is the option to get this in the all seasons option but as it only goes up to 6 months, I’d say it isn’t as great value for money as the 4 Seasons.

The warmer Newborn Bag is really soft and made from beautiful soft 100% microfiber fabric while the inside of the bag is 100% cotton. At £49.99, I think this is a little more expensive but well worth it for those extra hours of sleep you might get from a warm and snug baby.image

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  1. I really love the look of this sleeping bag, it’s just such a clever design! Do you know if they post to Australia at all? Many Thanks, Josie 🙂

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