Simply Good Baby Recliner

When Benjamin was first born, we noticed by 2 and a half weeks that something wasn’t quite right after his feeds and we quickly got a diagnosis as silent reflux. It looked so uncomfortable for Benjamin and meant that after every feed I would have to keep him upright for at least half an hour. This wasn’t too bad during the day but at night I was really struggling and so was he.

When Benjamin was about three months old we were given the Simply Good Baby Recliner and it seemed to really help. While it’s not a miracle cure by any stretch of the imagination, it gave me the option to put Benjamin down after a feed knowing that he wouldn’t have been uncomfortable as it’s got a gentle angle to keep him in a more beneficial position. I wish I had this when Benjamin was first born! 

 Even now Benjamin is 6 months, we still use the pillow after he’s eaten his lunch or dinner as we find that he’s more comfortable on a gentle incline.

While I never left Benjamin to sleep on this pillow during the night, I did lay him on it after a night feed for half an hour before transferring him back into his crib. I found this worked so much better than using one of the foam wedges in the crib because come morning (or the next feed, Benjamin would have slid all the way down the crib and looked really crumpled and squashed which I didn’t think would help his reflux at all.

  The Simply Good Baby Recliner has a gentle angle but what seemed to really work was the fact it has a ‘butt grove’ as we call it. The pillow had been shaped so that there is a circle towards the bottom of the pillow for baby’s bum to sit in which helps ensure that baby doesn’t slide off. The rest of the pillow is really soft and comfortable and it naturally cradles and supports baby when they are lying down. 

 This pillow has not only been used to help Benjamin’s reflux but we’ve also used it as a safe play pillow. We have a baby gym bar that we have placed over the pillow so that he can play comfortably right after a feed.

This is a huge hit with Isabella too. She just loves to snuggle on the pillow with a blanket when she’s reading a book or watching tele. It’s a great buy, especially for babies with reflux. 

 I love the design of our pillow as it goes really well with our sofas. It’s got a light grey base with a darker grey top and black stars. You can get yours from Whitestep as of next week.

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