toTs bedding set review

Cot bedding can make a real difference to the feel of a nursery, especially if the décor is quite neutral. We used the new toTs bedding set from SmarTrike to add a super splash of colour to Benjamin’s nursery.

When we moved into our new home, we made the decision to keep the walls very plain and light so that we could simply change the furniture and soft furnishings to completely change the look of the room and make it more grown up when needed.

We I was certain that with Benjamin’s nursery I wanted to make it bright and colourful as we kept Isabella’s nursery very neutral and I always regretted how plain and ordinary it seemed. Even before we knew he was a boy, we talked about bright and vibrant colours; orange, green, purple, and blue seemed to be the colours we favoured and we picked storage boxes, curtains, paintings and toys to inject colour into the room.

We already had neural cot bedding sets from Isabella and felt we couldn’t justify buying new so when we were offered the chance to review one of the toTs bedding sets, I was ecstatic because it meant I could choose something bright and vibrant that would fit in with the colour scheme of the nursery. We went for the Joy Sateen Green Rabbits Bedding Set and love it!

This bedding set is made from 100% cotton sateen with 100% polyester filling. The fitted sheet and quilt are lovely and soft and they both wash really well. For me, apart from obviously being comfortable and the look of the set, the most important feature is its durability and washability. If it looks nice but after 3 or 4 washes, loses its colour, shape or softness, it really isn’t a worthwhile product. I am happy to say though, having put this set through the wash more than just a few times, it’s stayed looking like it was brand new.


The bunny applique is so sweet and would suit any nursery and it even matches his favourite snuggly bunny he sleeps with every night perfectly. More than that though, because it isn’t overly babyish, it will last while Benjamin grows and will fit his cotbed perfectly. The combination of greens, teal, cream and brown work really well together and look gorgeous. My only wish now was that we had white furniture instead of the wooden effect as I feel it would look even better.

This is such a great set and I would certainly recommend it to other parents; it’s great quality and looks amazing. The only thing I would have liked to be included as well is a pillow case to match for when we transition the cot into a cotbed but for £69.99, I think it’s great value.

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  1. Lila Hampton says:

    £69.99 is a brilliant deal for that bedding set! He looks happy as Larry.
    Thank you Michelle for the advice.

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