Winnie the Pooh Balloon Lightshow and Lullabies

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This adorable Winnie the Pooh figure with light up balloon projector from Tomy is just brilliant. Even though I originally thought it was intended for younger babies, Isabella loves ‘Pooh Bear’ so much. She sat for ages on the first night with us in the front room just watching the stars change colour; it’s very peaceful ad calming.

Not only does the figure have a projector which changes colour, it also has 5 different lullabies which you can set to run for either 10-20 minutes which I have found is usually a sufficient time for Isabella to fall asleep to.

It’s so simple to activate – literally a push of the head turns Pooh on and you can tap his head again to adjust the mode to just a light show or lullabies or to switch it off early.

This lightshow has been such a hit in this house that we even packed him in our suitcase and took him on holiday to help Isabella stay in some sort of routine with bed. Although she seemed to need more cuddles before bed than usual, I think bringing him along helped her to relax and we had some of the best day time naps and night time sleeping than we have had for a while now.

I think it’s a really lovely design and so easy to use that I’d certainly buy it for a new mum-to-be.

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