Holiday ready with UK Swimwear

Recently we went on our first family holiday as a four and not too surprisingly, I didn’t have a swimsuit or bikini that fit. Luckily for me I was given the opportunity to review this absolutely gorgeous bikini from UK Swimwear. From the moment I saw it, I was instantly attracted to the bright colourful pattern on the Dolores Cortes Dominica Bikini. It just screamed summer to me and instead of shying away from something that would make me stand {Read More}

Frugi Family Swimwear review

It is of course no surprise by now for regular readers that I am a part of the lovely Frugi Family (and what a fantastically organic family they are too!). Having recently blogged about their gorgeous organic cotton summer pyjamas, we are now going to be showing off Frugi’s exciting brand new swimwear range along with Benjamin’s summer ready legs!I was a little concerned that we may have to just use a ball pit for the photos this time round {Read More}

SwimPak Review

With summer almost upon us and six whole weeks to fill up (perhaps with some watery adventures!), we’ve been road-testing this absolutely adorable frog SwimPak from LittleLife. It’s a 10litre bag which means it’s got plenty of room for all your children’s clothes and accessories but more than that, it has a water-resistant exterior meaning that these clothes stay clean and dry. It’s wonderfully lightweight and made from a strong and durable nylon fabric so it’s not going to feel {Read More}

Do All Infants and Toddlers Love To Swim?

Thank you Kaitlin from An Apple Per Day for this lovely post on children swimming – I found it fascinating! When we started a family, I wanted my kids to enjoy the all the fun water provides. I grew up playing in the pool with my friends, and really enjoyed it however, I discovered that not all kids will automatically react the same to the water. I had to adjust the way that I introduce my kids to the water so they {Read More}

Jowsa the Nappy Genie

Going on holiday and don’t have enough room in your suitcase for the mountain of products you need to pack for babies or toddlers as well as your clothes (and shoes!)? Well neither did I. Most airlines don’t give you baggage allowance for babies if they aren’t sitting in their own seat and so parents have to forfeit their clothes and shoes in order to fir nappies, creams and much more in for their little ones. Jowsa, the Nappy Genie, {Read More}

Snuggle Bunny Towel from Cuddledry

If you’re not a fan of giving chocolate as a treat for Easter, then you’re in luck; the award winning Cuddledry has just launched the new Snuggle Bunny Towel which would make a brilliant, fun Easter gift. The Snuggle Bunny Towel is designed for children aged 3-6 years and is so unbelievably soft that I had a hard time coaxing my little monster out of it. It’s made from a microfiber technology which makes the towel as soft as velvet {Read More}

When thoughts turn to holidays…

With thoughts of going on our first holiday since Isabella was born, my thoughts have not turned to swimwear and armbands! I haven’t even booked the holiday yet but already I’m internet shopping/browsing to see what’s available and what I might need to buy to keep my toddler safe, especially if she’s going to swim.   The first thing I thought about was the sun suits you can buy; I don’t know about your little one but I can’t imagine {Read More}

Huggies Little Swimmers Hygiene Mat

I love taking Isabella swimming and she really loves the pool. It’s great taking her when the weather is warm but I particularly like going when the weather is miserable as it doesn’t matter about getting wet and gives you a fab indoor activity. We’ve taken Isabella swimming since she was about three months and her confidence is growing constantly. The only thing that irritates me about swimming (especially now Isabella is walking) is the changing room palaver. Huggies Little {Read More}

Minene Cuddly Hooded Towel

This hooded towel is not only adorable but very practical too. It will last from baby right though to toddler as it’s lovely and large at 85×115 cm; it’s much bigger than the normal hooded towels we have and covers her head to toe easily. Isabella had just started to get too big for her hooded towels she had from birth and I was debating whether to just buy a normal soft towel for her. When we saw the Minene {Read More}

SnapMe Swimwear

I don’t know about you, but I love taking my little one swimming and to the beach (weather permitting of course!) But I have found in the past that normal swimsuits could be a real pain to get on and off when wet. It wasn’t so much of an issue if we were only in the pool for 20 minutes, but if we were in and out the water or if I needed to change my little one’s nappy halfway {Read More}