Childproof and Waterproof iPhone Case from Gadgetbaby

This waterproof iPhone case is great if you want to use it to take a few snaps or a video underwater either at the pool or by the beach. I used it in my local swimming pool to test its functionality in the water and see how clear the images would be. The case itself is really easy to use. It has a simple catch at the bottom which you click open and shut; the catch is stiff enough that {Read More}

Splash About Happy Nappy

The Splash About Happy Nappy is a reusable swimming nappy designed to be worn by babies in the pool to prevent any nasty leaks (of solids) in the water as we all know nappies have a tendency to leak sometimes. The nappy can be worn with or without a disposable nappy but I personally use a disposable nappy just in case – I’d rather throw a dirty nappy away and only have a little mess in the Splash About Happy {Read More}

The Wetsuit Factory Ladybird Baby Wrap Wetsuit

After I had decided I wanted to take my little one swimming, I started to look into swim wear for her to keep her warm. When I came across this baby wrap wetsuit, I just couldn’t resist! I am a sucker for anything that looks cute and silly and will dress my little one up at any occasion, so this was just my sort of thing. There are five different designs to choose from including a bee and fairy. The {Read More}