SwimPak Review

With summer almost upon us and six whole weeks to fill up (perhaps with some watery adventures!), we’ve been road-testing this absolutely adorable frog SwimPak from LittleLife.

It’s a 10litre bag which means it’s got plenty of room for all your children’s clothes and accessories but more than that, it has a water-resistant exterior meaning that these clothes stay clean and dry.

It’s wonderfully lightweight and made from a strong and durable nylon fabric so it’s not going to feel too heavy, especially if you have clothes and towels etc in there. To ensure its comfort on your little one’s back, the straps are lightly padded.


It’s got easy to use buckles and the roll-top closure is easy to do, even for little fingers. Isabella is able to click the clips together bt doesn’t always understand that she has to roll the top first. I’m sure this will come though as she’s not quite three yet. It’s aimed at children 3+ as they should be able to use it themselves by this age but I would be more than happy to buy one for a younger child and help them with the buckles.

As well as using this for general swimming, we’ve found it a perfect addition to everyday trips and super splashy trips. We recently went to Legoland and while playing around on the splash pad, we could ensure all our valuables were safely with us without the worry of them getting wet. 

 This SwimPak is fun and practical. It keeps clothes and other items dry, even when you’re wet and it has a nifty hidden pocket in the inside mesh lining so you can keep your change handy for lockers or refreshing treats!

At just £19.99 this is a great bag for any small person; its versatility means it can be used for most occasions, even if you don’t plan on getting wet.

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