BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Balance Soft

When Benjamin was about 2 weeks old we were send a BabyBjörn Bouncer for him and it’s been one of the best things we’ve used for him so far. At only 5 weeks old, we haven’t had to use an awful lot of equipment for Banjamin but can honestly say that this bouncer has been brilliant. You can use this bouncer from birth to 2 years so is a great investment – well worth the money! We have it in Khaki and Beige and it looks great but it’s also available in some other gorgeous colours, including their new pastel range which is coming out very soon!

I’ve found that the benefits of having this product with an excited toddler around are that I can play and interact with both children even when my toddler is demanding all the attention. The bouncer is so easy to bounce (unlike other bouncers available) that I can bounce it with a sly foot without Isabella even realising. Because the bouncer is easy to bounce, baby can actually bounce it himself without the need of batteries or an adult to help; obviously this will work a lot better when Benjamin is a little older but it’s a great element of the bouncer.

Benjamin has been too little to use any of the toys that you can buy but I am going to buy the wooden toy to add to the bouncer now he’s a little more alert and active.

I love the way the bouncer gives real support to Banjamin’s back, neck and head. Unllike more padded bouncers, the soft material moulds to his shape and is very supportive. I can vouch for the fact that it’s comfortable too as I tried an adult sized bouncer at an event I went to a few months ago – I just wish I could buy one for me! Benjamin often sits in the bouncer while I’m doing other things like cooking, getting ready, tidying or while we are eating dinner; that way he can still be a part of the family conversation and Isabella loves the fact she can talk to him while she’s sat at the table. He also just likes to chill in the sun!

One of the real bonuses for us has been that you can adjust the positioning of the bouncer really easily without any fuss at all. We’ve had it in the highest position available as Benjamin has been suffering from silent reflux and when I’ve had to put him down after a feed, the upright and supportive positioning has meant that he isn’t uncomfortable and struggling with the reflux. It’s supportive enough for him to be comfortable enough to even fall asleep in when if I lay him flat in a cot or bassinette, he’d squirm and fight a horrible acid that would come up.


The other practical features of this bouncer are that it can easily fold flat so I can store it away at night or put it in the car to take to Nana’s house and it doesn’t take up the whole boot. As well as this and essential to ANY baby product in my eyes is that the cover can be completely removed to be washed! No more sponging a patch here and there.

This bouncer is an amazing but simple design which I would highly recommend to all new parents. It’s so good that we haven’t even got Isabella’s old baby swing out of the loft as we haven’t needed it. Thank you BabyBjörn for making my life that little bit easier!

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  1. Ahh, I loved these when we saw them at the afternoon tea meet up, I can’t wait to get one! He looks super comfy in there, bless him. You’ll have to let me know how he gets on with the wooden toy when you get it. He’s such a cutie xx

  2. such a nice comfy bouncer and great for a new born…. Benjamin looks really comfortable in the Baby Bjorn… how did he find it for napping in?

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