Gummee Glove

sophie2The Gummee Glove is a very clever idea. It is colourful, textured with detachable teething ring and two extra textured teething nobbles each with different ridge patterns on and all in glove form that can be strapped to your baby’s hand so that they do not lose it as they cannot shake it off… an immediate must have for our teething baby.

Next for the real world test.

My six month old, Sophie was instantly drawn to the yellow colour (seemingly her favourite colour) and grasped at the glove, a good start. She then immediately shoved it into her mouth, again positive, and started working the ridges and teething ring around her gums which gave her some relief. So far, so good.

My only criticism (which could be the fussiness of my baby rather than a design flaw) is that Sophie would not let me put the glove on her hand. She wriggled and fussed until I gave up for this attempt had handed it to her where immediately she set about chewing on it to provide some friction on her sore gums.

On a second trial when we were out in the pushchair she was more responsive to the glove and she wore it for a good hour happily. before fussing and wanting to take it off (she does the same thing with shoes).

We have yet to attempt the car journey where I feel the Gummee Glove would come into its own, especially if it is only you and your baby in the car where passing her dropped toys would be dangerous and impractical.

I will keep it in our repertoire of baby teething equipment as it is a great idea and I think Sophie will come to like it more over the coming weeks.



  1. Barbara says:

    I found the Gummee Glove brilliant for my baby. Very handy to have the travel bag also.

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