Sophie la Girafe


Every Sophie is made from 100% natural rubber which is derived from the sap of the Hevea tree! Sophie is therefore very flexible, renewable, and made from all natural materials and non-toxic paint meaning she is a safe and natural teething toy for your little one.

I’ll be honest, when I first saw Sophie, I wasn’t convinced. She looked more like a dog toy than a baby teether but when my little girl started to shove both her hands in her mouth at once, I thought I’d introduce Sophie.

Isabella is still too small to hold most teethers, especially the water filled rings, as they are too heavy for her but Sophie is really light which means that she can hold it by herself with ease.

Sophie has nice long legs which Isabella really chomps on but her favourite part of Sophie is her head; full of knobbly bits, Sophie’s head really soothes Isabella’s gums.

The colours on Sophie are distinct enough to catch my baby’s attention and she certainly knows what it is now! As soon as I hand her Sophie, it goes straight in the mouth.

The squeaker inside Sophie isn’t always a hit with Isabella; depending on what frame of mind she is in, she is either complacent towards it or she cries when it makes her jump. I’m sure other babies love the squeaker but for us, it didn’t need to be there.

I love the history of this teether and I love the fact Sophie hasn’t changed from her original design. It’s definitely a great investment, even though it is more expensive than other teethers. At least you know that you can use this from birth and your little one will be able to use it themselves from early on – unlike most other, heavier teethers.

I will definitely be putting one of these in baby shower baskets because I think every baby needs their very own Sophie la Girafe!


  1. My daughter Sophie is now 13 months & this is one of the best toys we have. Whether Sophie is teething or not Sophie giraffe is out. She loves the squeeker & enjoys having a good chomp on her legs! Recommend every mum with a baby aged 0-2 to get one!

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