Teething Bling Bangle

bling2 The Teething Bling jewellery range is made from the same silicone material as many teething toys; it’s free from phthalate and lead, it’s non toxic and dishwasher safe.

I have to say I was a little apprehensive about wearing the bangle as it wasn’t really my style (I am more of a delicate bracelet wearing kind of girl). Mine was grey (available in 20 colours) and therefore quite discreet. I first wore it to a friend’s christening as I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test it out. My little one  now 5 months old was very well behaved but did get a little bored after a while and after giving him the TeethingBling he was very content.

My husband commented that he hadn’t even noticed it was not a conventional bit of jewellery and thought it was ‘genius’ once he realised the bangle was actually a teething bracelet. The width was a good size for my little one to grab hold of and safely chew in his mouth.

There is only one negative thing I would say about this product – you have to remove it in order for your little one to grab hold of it (and therefore you have to hold on to it otherwise it is very likely to end up on the floor). I would therefore love to see this design with a second bit of ‘bling’ attached to the bracelet so that your baby can grab hold of this and enable you to keep the bracelet on your wrist while they chew.

Overall I think Teething Bling is an excellent idea as it is a way of getting back to wearing jewellery and serves as a discreet distraction for your little one when getting out a colourful toy may not be ideal. However, I do think it is slightly pricey compared to other teethers on the market.


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