Tips for Choosing a Baby Walker for Your Baby

There are opposing schools of thought when it comes to baby walkers. Some say it’s essential to get babies on their feet, while others believe it can hurt your baby more than if you just let them try to walk on their own. Whichever you believe in, there’s no doubt that baby walkers can help babies learn how to walk. It also keeps them entertained, and prevents them from crawling out the door by themselves. Doctors have also long believed that baby walkers help build baby’s leg muscles sooner, so that they can start walking sooner. Most baby walkers also double as little chairs and tables for babies so they can also start fiddling with utensils by themselves, or play with their toys on it. It can also be used simply as a seat for a resting baby

Because of its versatility, a baby walker is an indispensable piece of equipment that will help with a baby’s early years. So when you get one, make sure you get the best one, especially so if you plan on having more than one baby in the future. Here are some tips on getting the best baby walker.

Read reviews beforehand

Back in the day you’d have to go to the actual store or see one in person from a fellow parent before learning anything about baby walkers. Nowadays, however, you won’t even have to leave your seat to check out baby walkers. Sites like provide a list of top-selling baby walkers, with average ratings from customers and prices. Form a shortlist of potential candidates from lists like these, so when the time comes that you actually go shopping for a walker, you would know what to look for and where.

Choose a walker with a broad base

Baby walkers with broad bases have a twofold safety advantage. Firstly, it mitigates the risk of the walker tipping over and falling which can cause serious injury to the baby. Secondly, if the base is especially wide it may be wider than your doorways, and this will prevent the baby from going in and out of areas where they shouldn’t be as long as he is in the walker.

Check the weight and maneuverability of the walker

If the baby walker is too heavy, your baby might not enjoy being in it, or they may not even be able to move it at all. It would be as good as a chair, and you want a baby walker. Additionally, check if the wheels move well. Friction on wheels can mean accidents for baby. Give the walker a few spins, and if it requires considerable force to move around, go ahead and check another one.

Look for safety features

This is extremely important since you’re giving your baby some freedom while he’s in the walker. Seat belts should be a no-brainer since it’s absolutely necessary if your house has walls. Another good feature is wheel locks to keep him in place if you need to look away from the baby for a moment and you don’t want to lose them. An additional benefit to wheel locks is it can transform the walker into a stable seat with a table for feeding and playing time.

Choose non-toxic materials

It doesn’t matter if you sound nitpicky, ask the shop assistant about the materials used to make the walker. If they can’t answer, look it up online. Plastics, paints, and other materials can come in both toxic and non-toxic variants—you want the latter because your baby will be tasting objects a lot and the baby walker you’re about to buy is no exception.

Carefully check for defects

Treat this walker the same way you would treat a dress or a smartphone that you’re about to buy—inspect every aspect of it very carefully and look for rough parts, loose components, hardened parts that shouldn’t be hard and edges where there shouldn’t be. Spend as much time as you’d like checking it to make sure that there is nothing on it that might hurt the baby.

Compare prices

Once you’ve found the perfect walker and you have time, you can compare prices between stores. Some stores might have the same walker for a better price, so it wouldn’t hurt to check. Check the stores’ websites, or call them up and ask if they have the same model in stock. Then when you do visit them, make sure to inspect their walkers thoroughly too.

Once you do get a walker for your baby, keep in mind that it’s not a sit-baby-down-and-forget kind of affair. Do watch over your baby as they use the walker and never let them hit things as much as possible. Remove all hazards in the house, and while you’re in the shop you might want to consider getting some soft edge inserts for your home as well.


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