Fruit Heroes Fruit Bars

I love finding healthy snacks for my fussy toddler that she loves and count as one her ‘five a day’. Welcome Fruit Heros … they come in 4 different flavours: apple and raspberry; banana; strawberry and blackcurrant and according to my daughter and niece, they taste ‘delicious’ (especially the strawberry ones as they were all gone before I had the chance to take their picture!)  Fruit Heroes 20g bar contain no added sugar, no added colourings, no added preservatives, no gluten or {Read More}

Munchkin LATCH Bottle

Breast Or Bottle? A question lots of Parents ask themselves and the answer is simple; which ever works for you and your baby! We all know that healthcare professionals are pushing breastfeeding and that’s great, if you want to breastfeed OR if you CAN! But for some, it’s either not possible or they want to use a combination of both and this is where the Munchkin LATCH bottle is perfect. I wish I had these when Isabella was smaller as {Read More}

My First Mealtime – OXOTot Seedling Highchair

The OXO Tot Seedling Highchair was a huge hit with my little one from the first time she saw it; she thought it was such a cool ‘big girl chair’ because it looks grown up and unlike the other highchairs we have seen. So the morning came and it’s breakfast time – before I even had the chance to tell Isabella to sit to the table, she was already in the highchair and trying to clip it up. Once clipped {Read More}

OXO Tot Seedling High Chair, Graphite (First Impressions)

We were asked to review the new OXO Tot Seedling High Chair and we jumped at the chance as I love the OXO Tot range. Today, I’m just going to talk about my first impressions of the chair.   When it arrived I was so excited, I couldn’t even wait for my husband to get home to put it up; I just got it straight out and managed to put it together in minutes (even with a toddler around!). The {Read More}

Win! A Hamper of The Fruit Factory Goodies!

Sometimes, especially when you are out and about, it’s hard to get fruit into your tot so a healthier alternative to some other snacks on the market are those from The Fruit Factory. From Fruit Gummies, Fruit Hearts and Fruit Stars to Rainbow Raisins and Yogurt Coated Fruit (and being suitable for vegetarians), I’m sure you will find something to suit your needs. Isabella gobbled up every single one of these, there wasn’t a pack she disliked but I have {Read More}

Troublesome 2s… Not Eating? Make Food Fun!

I don’t know what it is about toddlers and those terrible 2s but something must happen as we are well and truly in the terrible 2s faze; now I was prepared for the tantrums and crying over NOTHING, but no-one told me it could affect their eating habits too?! We went from having a child who would eat practically everything to one who wouldn’t even touch her favourite dish. The single response I found I was getting to everything was {Read More}

Jowsa the Nappy Genie

Going on holiday and don’t have enough room in your suitcase for the mountain of products you need to pack for babies or toddlers as well as your clothes (and shoes!)? Well neither did I. Most airlines don’t give you baggage allowance for babies if they aren’t sitting in their own seat and so parents have to forfeit their clothes and shoes in order to fir nappies, creams and much more in for their little ones. Jowsa, the Nappy Genie, {Read More}

My Friend Emily 9oz Insulated Sippy Cup

The Insulated Sippy Cup from Lamaze is suitable from nine months and is aimed to help aid independent drinking on the go. It is a lovely bright colour that my daughter loved and has a cute My Friend Emily design (one of Lamaze’s best sellers). The lid is really easy to get on and off. I have found some other cups with built in valves don’t have a screw top, making the lids fiddly to get on and off. The {Read More}

Bibisili Jake Giraffe Funky Silicone Bib

Piccolo Bambino (a rather lovely company who sell beautiful and contemporary gifts, as well as day to day items) were on the hunt for parents to review the Bibisili Silicone Bib and we were only too happy to help them. This flexible, silicone bib from Bibisili is a great design; the cute animals are eye catching and they look really cute on! As soon as I put it on my daughter, she tries to bite the bottom of the bib {Read More}

Oxo Tot Bottle Drying Rack and Good Grips Compact Sink Set

                If you have a baby/toddler, I’m sure your draining board looks as ‘interesting’ as mine littered with Tupperware, bottles, sippy cups, plastic plates, bowls and cutlery! As I’m sure most parents do, we used a tea towel as an extension to the draining board to hold all these items and this (along with probably being a little unhygienic) looked really messy and wasn’t hugely successful as no air circulated through the bottles {Read More}