Fruit Heroes Fruit Bars

I love finding healthy snacks for my fussy toddler that she loves and count as one her ‘five a day’. Welcome Fruit Heros … they come in 4 different flavours: apple and raspberry; banana; strawberry and blackcurrant and according to my daughter and niece, they taste ‘delicious’ (especially the strawberry ones as they were all gone before I had the chance to take their picture!)

 Fruit Heroes 20g bar contain no added sugar, no added colourings, no added preservatives, no gluten or diary, they’ve not been cooked or baked, and they are naturally high in fibre. Fruit Heroes are simply freshly picked, sun-dried fruit that has been pressed into shape using a little bit of sunflower oil and water.

Isabella loves them and will often ask for them as a snack on a long journey. They are perfect for keeping in your bag and giving as a treat after pre-school too! She certainly has her favourite flavours though (they have a very distinct taste).

I tend to save these as snacks for when we are out and about or as a treat as I still like to offer fresh fruit whenever possible at home.

Not only are they great for on the go snacking, but you can also use them to bake with – it makes a fun and healthy activity for rainy days or just for days you want to bake! recipes include brownies or granola bars and cake pops. You can find the recipes online at here.

We love Fruit Heroes, do you?



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