My First Mealtime – OXOTot Seedling Highchair

The OXO Tot Seedling Highchair was a huge hit with my little one from the first time she saw it; she thought it was such a cool ‘big girl chair’ because it looks grown up and unlike the other highchairs we have seen.

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So the morning came and it’s breakfast time – before I even had the chance to tell Isabella to sit to the table, she was already in the highchair and trying to clip it up. Once clipped in, I slipped the tray on and once I adjusted the tray to a comfortable position, we were ready to go.

The highchair is really comfortable and spacious. There’s plenty of room for Isabella to grow without looking like she’s too big for it.

Although we didn’t make a huge mess, the tray is so easy to slip off and lay flat on another surface that you really don’t need to worry what’s on it (left over food or drinks!).


Because the highchair is easily adjustable, Isabella can also choose whether she wants to sit up at the table with us, or use the tray. This really makes this highchair so versatile and perfect to use for different ages.
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The next test came with dinner – I cooked a nice, juicy tomato pasta to really test out the cleanability of the highchair as usually any amount of tomato sauce causes some staining. I was nicely surprised to find that even after a messy dinner choice the seat, tray and outer were so easy to clean without any staining. I really like how the tray cover overlaps the tray so that you don’t have to clean both items when your tot inevitably touches the sides.

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I’m really impressed with how this product is not only spacious, comfortable and so easy to clean but its practical and useful elements really help make cleaning up a lot easier.


  1. This looks like such a fantastic high chair, and she looks so happy in it x

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