Troublesome 2s… Not Eating? Make Food Fun!

I don’t know what it is about toddlers and those terrible 2s but something must happen as we are well and truly in the terrible 2s faze; now I was prepared for the tantrums and crying over NOTHING, but no-one told me it could affect their eating habits too?! We went from having a child who would eat practically everything to one who wouldn’t even touch her favourite dish. The single response I found I was getting to everything was “No like it!”.

Well this meant I had to start getting inventive with dinner time (just what you want after a long day at work and carefully prepared meals at the weekend to save you time!!). My saving grace has been pasta. Thanks to Ocado’s new Children’s Organic Pasta range we have had a lot more success at meal times.

Their Garofalo pasta (which has no additives added to the organic durum wheat) comes in some fun shapes which can add an extra element of fun to eating. We have tried the Anistelle Pasta which is shaped like moons and stars which went down very well. We made a game out of eating all the moons first before eating all the stars. The Pazzielle Pasta looks like little camper vans and ghosts (we called the octopi) and we made up stories about an octopus going on holiday which also went down very well but I have to say, out clear favourite was the Motori Pasta which Isabella thought looked like spiders and we have often made some sort of spidery dish to devour. photo 2 (16)Our favourite is our spinach, sausage and spider surprise and I know if I get this out for dinner, it’s going to be gobbled up with enthusiasm. Thank once again Ocado for helping at dinner time!

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