AD Jooki Music and Story Player

We’ve been putting Jooki, the child friendly, screen-free, music and story player through its paces and I am delighted to say, it’s a huge hit.

My two absolutely love listening to music and stories and over the years we have tried many different devices to accommodate this but we’ve never found one we really loved, until now. The Jooki combines sturdiness and durability with a funky and easy way to listen to music or stories day or night. And because it is portable, you can listen to stories and music while travelling too.

What’s in the box?

We were sent the package which includes:

1 X Jooki

5 X Figurines

1 X Charge

1 X Instruction booklet

Set Up

Setting up the Jooki took me a little longer than it perhaps should have but that was because I didn’t have a Spotify or Deezer account and I wanted to see how all the functions worked so needed to log into Spotify and work that out too!

Once I had managed to get my head around Spotify and I had also downloaded the Jooki app, I was well on my way to getting everything set up and ready for the kids.

I decided to make the playlists for the children while they were at school because I know exactly which albums and artists they listen to. As they get older, I’m sure they will want to have more control over what’s on their playlist but for now they were more than happy with the selection.

So How Does it Work?

This was my main concern. I didn’t know how it worked and how many songs or books you could actually link up to the Jooki player. Now depending on whether you are going to stream (through Spotify Premium or Deezer) or download, the answer will vary. If you stream through your wifi, you can listen to millions of different songs and stories but if you download your songs to your device, it depends how big your storage is.

The Jooki doesn’t have much storage on its own so you won’t be able to download much unless you get yourself a micro SD card and upload the songs to that. The size of your memory card therefor dictates how many songs you can store.

Having sorted your streaming or storage, you can get to creating your playlists. Now this was super easy. I created all our playlists from Spotify and then synced these to individual figurines on the Jooki. Once this was done, I could change the music by simply changing the figurine on top of the Jooki. Magic.

Best Bits

The ease of use with the Jooki once set up is one of my top reasons I love it but also the fact that it’s screen free. There aren’t too many tech toys these days which don’t come attached to a screen which is why it’s so refreshing to have the Jooki. The children are more than happy to play with the Jooki and take it in turns to play songs off their favourite playlist. Isabella has even worked out that she can memories how many times she needs to ‘skip’ a song to get to other favourites.

The fact that the children can play with the Jooki without a parent helping them is great too. They feel totally independent and very grown up. This can have its downfalls though if they forget that it needs charging! We charge the Jooki for the children as I like to keep all cables etc tidy in one place but the charging port is also quite tricky to get to so I wouldn’t advise children do that anyway.

Another fab parental feature on the Jooki is that you can set a volume limit. For everyday use and especially when the children are using headphones with the Jooki, this is a great tool. What I really think is clever though, you can turn that function off too. Now you might wonder why you would but for parties, being able to crank up the volume is perfect.

You get about 8 hours of play from each charge but this can be shortened if streaming.

Overall I absolutely love the Jooki. It’s fun and easy to use, especially for little ones who can’t get enough of their favourite tunes.

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