Review: BABY Born Interactive Girl

BABY Born 1BABY born interactive girl is a lovely doll that many little girls will look after and cherish. She is a good size and quite heavy so feels more like a baby.

The BABY born interactive girl comes dressed in a cute pink body suit and has ten accessories including a spoon, bowl, bottle, potty, nappies (X2) and food. Having a simple baby grow on does mean however, you are more inclined to buy more clothes to dress BABY born in as there isn’t a lot to play dress up with.

I like that BABY born can cry and wee, as does Charlotte, but squeezing the arm to make her cry needs a bit of strength and I’m not sure a 3-year-old could do this alone. My daughter who is 5 can manage but it’s quite hard to do. The wee function works more easily as once you lie BABY Born down after she’s had bottle, she will wee.

As a parent, I’m not as keen on the fact that BABY born can poo; my daughter on the other hand loves it. My only issue with this function is that the instructions suggested method of cleaning the doll is really quite laborious and they suggest you clean it as soon as BABY born has had a poo. This isn’t effective as Charlotte still hasn’t finished playing with the doll. I don’t really use this function on the doll anymore.

A feature I do really like is that BABY born is fully bathable. Charlotte can bathe her in the bath and treat her like a real baby and I feel confident it won’t ruin.

I was slightly disappointed by the name BABY born Interactive as you have to buy all of the accessories for the various interactive effects separately. I would have liked it to have come with at least one accessory that made use of the interactive chip.

Overall it’s a good doll with some great features. My daughter loves her and I’m sure she will for a few more years to come.

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