Baby Born surprise : Review

With collectible toys becoming ever more popular, it’s no surprise that more are being released. Baby Born Surprise is a sweet addition to the collectible blind bag toys and both my two loved opening theirs to see who they got.

The Baby is nestled in a sweet egg shape with a pink Baby Born Surprise embellished swaddle masking the doll inside. It reminds me a bit of a baby being delivered by a stork and the children loved cradling the egg before they opened them.


Once opened, you will find your little baby swaddled inside their blanket, there are 12 to collect including a little ice cream cone, sweet bumble bee, poodle and more. The added detail of having a sleeping baby when it’s first opened is lovely. Using a wipe, you can gently wake your baby by opening their eyes. However, it should be note that you can only do this once. After you have cleaned the baby’s face and ‘woken’ it up, the baby’s eyes will remain open.

As well as the sweet doll and swaddle, you will also get a tiny squishy pick bottle which you can use to feed you r baby born surprise. If you feed your baby, she should pee in her nappy and reveal a sweet design in her nappy. We couldn’t really get the baby to drink her bottle properly which was a shame as the children were desperate to see her pee. Instead the children squeezed the water into the baby’s mouth and it sort of dribbled down into the nappy to create the colour change.

Who did we get?

We were lucky enough to receive two dolls. We opened up unicorn and spring flower. They are gorgeously sweet and lovable. They are the perfect size for small hands to look after and the little water bottle and unique hair styles add to the desirability to add to the collection.

These are such a unique idea for a collectable and they have more to them than just being a simple stand alone toy. My two really do love them and have asked for more on their Christmas list!

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