Bigjigs Play Patrol – Cutting Veg Crate and The Fruit Crate: Review

We’re very excited to let you know that Isabella and Benjamin have been chosen to take part in the BigJigs Play Patrol. They are going to be sent a variety of different toys to put through their paces and will report back their honest feedback.

Our first parcel included the Cutting Veg Crate and the Fruit Crate.

I have to say, there is a clear favourite with both of the children and it’s the Cutting Veg Crate. They are immediately attracted to the wooden knife and being able to chop the veggies and ‘make’ dinners for us all has kept them entertained many an afternoon. Benjamin, just having turned two, is definitely more interested in the cutting element than anything else. Although he plays with his sister and makes dinners for us to eat, he also simply enjoys cutting and re-cutting the food.

Cutting Veg Crate

The Cutting Veg Crate includes a carrot, tomato, cucumber, onion, mushroom, garlic and aubergine as well as the knife and chopping board. There is certainly enough of a variety in there to actally talk about making dinners and exploring ingredients with the children.

As a parent, I love how colourful the veg is as well as the variety on offer. I have been able to get Isabella and Benjamin to chop veg alongside me in the kitchen while prepping dinner and explain the importance of kitchen safety with knives.

The copping board, knife and all the veg fits nicely in the crate for storage and the whole set has complimented the children’s play shop well.

Fruit Crate

The Fruit Crate includes a banana, apple, strawberry, pear, slice of watermelon, kiwi, cherry and an orange. While the set has been used as food to buy in the play shop, it hasn’t had as much play as the Cutting Veg Crate- had we not been given them together, it might have been a different story but as it stands the chopping ability has attracted more attention. 

Both sets come in sturdy wooden crates with simple designs on and delicate colour detail on the inside. All the food is sturdy and very well made – it has definitely stood the test of the strong willed toddler who throws EVERYTHING! The children have really enjoyed playing with both sets. They are a real addition to our play shop. Each crate costs £12.99


  1. Which is your favourite toy?

  2. I love the train sets the most my little boys plays with it for hours.

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