Tea Set on a Tray: Bigjigs Review

I love that my children have an imagination and delight in watching them use it through play. When taking part in any sort of role play, children have to create a dialogue with themselves or with others around them; they imitate people and things they hear around them in everyday life and essentially create stories to give ‘characters’ a voice.

By immersing your child in the language surrounding everyday activities, they develop an understanding of vocabulary and intonation and are able to conceptualise this to help them understand the world around them. Mimicking adults is the most common sign we see of this happening. The toys that I find best at bringing out this mimicking behaviour in my two are kitchen or shop accessories.

Great addition to our play shop

We have had our play shop in the living room for just over a year now and it has been the one toy that both of the children can use together but one that they also enjoy using for their own individual play. The most recent addition to our shop collection is the gorgeous Tea Set on a Tray. Not only does it look beautiful (and I love that there are two different coloured cups), but the size of the cups is also perfect for small hands.

We have had a couple of different tea sets over the years and each have had their pros and cons. However, one of my pet hates has always been that they were often tiny and almost too small to do much with. The Tea Set on a Tray, however, has two decent sized cups (with coordinating saucers), a teapot with removable lid, a sugar pot with removable lid, a milk jug, two spoons and a tray. Each item is big enough that you can truly mimic the actions of making a cup of tea; you can scoop up the sugar before actually being able to stir the ‘tea’ with purpose and it doesn’t make you feel like a giant in the process.

When I surprised the children with the Tea Set with a Tray on Sunday morning, they immediately rushed off to get a picnic blanket and sat down together to play. It never fails to make me smile when they play together. We of course had the obligatory fight over who got which coloured cup but quickly resolved this issue by switching the coordinating saucers so they had an item of each colour.

After 5 minutes or so of play, Isabella went to get some food to add to the ‘picnic-party’ and they sat for ages playing.

Strong, Sturdy and Great Design

The Tea Set with a Tray is sturdy and looks as though it will stand up to the test of the occasional barista accident – the floor does tend to see many imaginary spills! The paintwork and design are simple and not girly in the slightest, which I love. Boys really enjoy playing with imaginative role-play toys too and so many of the sets I’ve seen are too girly. This simple white, blue and red design makes it gender neutral and perfect for colour schemes that are more neutral.

Stripping the toys back to basics is also really important to me. I completely agree that there is a time and place for noisy, light up musical toys but I really do love how simple these items are. There are no buttons to push or sound effects to distract you, it’s just good old fashioned wooden fun. To me, being able to move away from light, sounds and buttons actually helps to stimulate imaginative play and enables children to use items for more than one purpose too – Benjamin even likes to stack them as high as he can.

The only thing that I feel could improve the Tea Set with a Tray is the addition of little pretend tea bags (we have used some from a different set to add to our play!). This really is a beautiful little set and I would highly recommend it – it would make a lovely gift for both boys and girls.

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