BLOKPOD review

Anyone with a LEGO collection  – the BLOKPOD is a must have item!

We’ve been using the BLOKPOD for a few weeks now and even though we’ve held off on using LEGO with it, (it’s just too small for Benjamin at the moment) we have used it for our LEGO Duplo and as a storage unit, it’s been brilliant. I love that you can separate all of the different block sizes to make it easier to build and I also love how you can see everything too. I can’t wait to try it out with actual Lego too as you can use the different sized square, layered plates to shake and sift your LEGO collection. 

 The BLOKPOD is made from clear Perspex so it’s strong without being heavy and it’s also great to see what it is you’re storing. I always find that if your child can see the toy, they are more likely to play with it. If it’s hidden away in a box, they can forget about it and it goes unused.

The actual storage element of the BLOKPOD means that you can store 4 different sized things in each of the compartments – while we aren’t using small pieces at the moment, we could even store multiple products in it if we wanted however, we decided to stick to the Duplo for now. It doesn’t even have to be used for construction toys, you could use it for craft materials that you like to separate out as it is easy to see individual items; you can even remove the layers so that you can store larger items if needed. 

 I love that you can twist off each layer individually and only get out what you need rather than dumping everything on the floor at once. The twist mechanism is a little stiff to begin with and so an adult will need to help but after a while, this twist and click mechanism loosens and even young children will be able to do it unaided. 

 The BLOKPOD is compatible with LEGO, Mega Bloks, K’Nex, Duplo, and more and can hold up to 600 (LEGO) bricks per level. If you have a gargantuan collection, you can even buy additional layers. 

 I love the BLOKPOD and will certainly be buying another for my son when he is older. You can buy the BLOKPOD for just £34.99 on Amazon.

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