Bunchems BunchBot Review

We are always looking for inspiration for fun toys that are creative, engaging and don’t require batteries and this is where Bunchems BunchBot comes in. Last Christmas, we bought Isabella some Bunchems and she’s loved them; she would always go through phases of playing with them lots and then have periods of not wanting to play with them for a while. We’ve been having lots of fun with them for the past 6 months though and when we were offered the chance to review the BunchBot, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.



I’m not sure who was more excited at first, Isabella or myself! We unboxed the BunchBot and I explained how it worked. Isabella was a little unsure of how it all worked at first and needed me to show her what to do before her confidence grew enough to try it out on her own.

BunchBot Machine

The Bunchems BunchBot comes with: 1 BunchBot and Guide Book full of inspiration, 300 Bunchems and 8 accessories to add those finishing touches to your designs. I’m pleased that we already had a large box of Bunchems as this meant we could make many designs without having to destroy the items we had already created. (We used a fleece blanket underneath as the Bunchems kept getting caught on the carpet).

Getting creative with Bunchems

As we got to work straight away, I was a little too impatient and it was not until we were half way through our first design (the mermaid) that I realised I had missed several duplicate steps (which are clearly labelled in the Guide Book!).

Mermaid Fun with Bunchems BunchBot

The whole concept of the BunchBot is so simple. You follow the patterns in the Guide Book to create fantastic models with the Bunchems. As a parent, I love how easy the Guide Book is to follow, how the BunchBot doesn’t run on batteries and how perfect the designs come out. Because you need to put the Bunchems on the little ‘spikes’ of the design tray to keep them in place, they come out of the machine really uniform and perfectly aligned.


Although Isabella can create wonderful designs free hand (she loves to copy the designs off the box), she makes them very flat and they don’t tend to last as long. With the BunchBot, the designs are more 3D and Isabella will then enjoy playing with the figure she had created giving the Bunchems an added allure.

Bunchems Owl

Although the BunchBot is recommended for children 6 and over, Isabella (who is almost 5) found it easy and engaging once she had been shown how. We love the BunchBot and are so pleased we were given the chance to review it. Isabella (and I) give it a great big 10/10. It’s fantastic fun and perfect for keeping young minds busy and creative.

Bunchems LadybugLadybug Bunchems

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