Dancing Pooh by Tomy

T72128_Dancing PoohThis Dancing Pooh is a great toy for my 11 month old. She is just in the stage of copying actions and dancing (oh ok bobbing) and Winnie the Pooh is a perfect dancing companion for when I’m all danced out.

When I first pushed his hand and made Pooh talk, Isabella was a little unsure, but as we danced along to Pooh Bear (yes myself and my husband were bobbing up and down and touching the ground!) she lost all apprehension and started to join in too. Now all we have to do is push Pooh’s left hand and he sings “Up, Down, Touch the Ground” and Isabella lights up and bends down to touch the floor.

Isabella’s still too small to understand the musical statue mode but instead thinks Pooh is playing some sort of game and laughs when he starts singing ‘Hum de dum’.

Pooh’s head is lovely and soft (and he actually looks like Winnie the Pooh – unlike some toys) but the rest of his body is quite hard due to all his dancing limbs. This isn’t an issue, merely a comment; it would however have been nice to have a little padding around Pooh’s tummy just to make him more squishy and cuddly.

When Pooh is standing up he’s very sturdy and dances and jigs with ease. He can be easily pushed over by little people who find it funny but this doesn’t seem to have any negative impact on Pooh’s dancing ability – he just turns into some kind of break dancer instead!

My only issue with this toy is when Pooh is in dancing mode and Isabella picks him up, the mechanics sound a little strained – so far it hasn’t had affected the toy negatively at all but I thought it an important point to highlight.

You will need four AA batteries to made Winnie the Pooh dance but it does come with the first set of batteries so no need to rush out and buy some last minute.

It’s a lovely plush toy which is interactive and fun. It’s suitable from 10 months and I think will last Isabella for a couple of years; in fact I think as she gets older, she will enjoy him even more as she will have a better understanding of what he’s doing.

I think it’s a lovely toy, perfect for a first birthday present!


(Sorry for the bad picute – she won’t stand still long enough with this toy!)

For more information, please check out Tomy’s website: http://www.tomy.co.uk/ENG/PRODUCT/T72128

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