Disney Vampirina Boo-tiful Dress

Vampirina is one of Disney Junior’s newer TV shows and both my children are well and truly captivated by it. So when we were offered the chance to review the new Boo-tiful dress, I knew Isabella wouldn’t be able to resist.


(Whoa ooh oh) Vampirina and her family have just moved to their home in Transylvania where she and her parents have opened a B&B for goblins, ghouls and the like. Vampirina, being the new kid in town has to try and fit in with her human class friends but with the help of Poppy and Bridget, manages to navigate these tricky situation well. I love how the show encourages the children to look past differences and accept people for who they are.

What’s included

In the box you get a lovely velure and satin feel dress (with Velcro fastening at the back), fingerless gloves and a bat-wing headband.Disney's Vampirina Boo-tiful Dress

Looking like Vampirina has never been so easy. The dress is well made and looks very much like the Vampirina character. It has great attention to detail, including the webbed pattern on the skirt, with jaggard edge to it and a little Vampirina brooch attached to the top of the dress.

The costume age range is from 4-6 and this to me is a little broad for a children’s dressing up costume. Isabella is 5 and although she doesn’t mind in the slightest, the dress is really too short for her already (when she bends over, everyone would be able to see her knickers.). This has not affected her play in the slightest though!!

I would really love it if there was a choice in the sizing as Isabella would use this costume for a long time if she could. I would say that buying this for a 6 year old might be a little bit too much of a risk in terms of sizing.

Brilliant fun

Isabella loves dressing up like her favourite characters and she has worn this dress a lot over the Easter holidays – she even wore the gloves and headband to bed one night… that was interesting trying to take the gloves off once she was asleep! She reincts scenes from the show as well as creating her own stories up with her little brother.

Overall, we love this product and think it’s very well made and accessorised, I would just love more choice in the sizing.

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