Review: Fisher Price Octonauts Octopod Playset

My daughter and niece love a playlet and mini figure and really seem to get into character when they play. When they got the chance to review Octonauts toys- the Octopod they were thrilled. They now get the Octopod out and include it in most of their play.

It was really easy to set up and the additional/side pods slip on really easily and add the additional play space needed. It comes with Kwazi and Barnacles figures, Mini Gup-A, 3 sea creatures, 4 removable rescue tools and an OctoAlert clip on alarm which has several different sound effects and phrases to capture little minds.

 The Octonauts Octopod Playset looks very realistic and is really sturdily build which is perfect for those slightly more heavy handed threenagers. The stickers were a little fiddly to put on but once they were on, they were on. The removable rescue tools are really easy to put on and off and both the girls had mastered this in just a few attempts. The fact that the tools are interchangeable help to promote imaginative play as they can adapt and change the uses of the tools for different purposes.

The Octopod only comes with the two figures, Kwazi and Barnacles; it would be really good if Peso was included as a third figure. Although there are 3 sea creatures which add a good variety for play, Peso would have been a great addition to the Octopod.

 The girls love sending the characters (as well as a few additional non Octonaut characters) down the slide and into the Gup-A. They love using this in amongst their other toys and creating whole worlds of fun. They will happily sit down together and play for hours creating new  story lines. This is a great play set that is versatile and well worth the money.

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