Code-a-Pillar: Review

The Code-a-Pillar from Fisher-Price was an instant hit in our house with both the children. I’ve never seen them both so eager to get a toy out of the packaging.The Code-a-Pillar is a really cool caterpillar we’ve nicknamed ‘Codey’ and is perfect for introducing basic coding to pre-schoolers. The Code-a-Pillar comes in separate segments that can come apart and re-attach in so many different combinations which makes Codey move in different paths each time.

why the code-a-pillar?

The Code-a-Pillar helps young minds to develop their sequencing, critical thinking, reasoning, discovery, memory, problem solving and experimentation. By trying to get the Code-a-Pillar to move from one spot to another, children will have to think about the different segments they use and the order they put them in.You will receive 3 straight segments, 2 right turns, two left turns and a sound segment. You can purchase additional segments to make the Code-a-Pillar even more versatile.

While the Code-a-Pillar is aimed at children 3 and up, Benjamin, who is nearly 1 and a half, also loves pushing the button and making Codey move around. His favourite is when Codey stops to play music and he can dance.
Isabella adores her new friend Codey and he’s even joined us on holiday to her grandparents’ house! Codey has become a fun pet for Isabella and she hasn’t stopped buy finasteride playing with him since he arrived.

Parental perspective

From a parent’s perspective, I love the fun sound effects of the Code-a-Pillar; if her gets into trouble and something is in his path, he stops and makes a sound to encourage the children to remove the object in its path or to try and rearrange the segments to set Codey on a new path.

The limits are endless with this toy; you can create so many different obstacle courses for Codey to move around or simply use him as a ‘pet’. The lights, noise and movement capture even the youngest minds. It stretches the imagination of the inquisitive, developing pre-schoolers and engages them in the idea of programming.

We are going to be buying more segments for Codey for Isabella’s birthday so she can continue to grow and learn. Her engagement with this toy has remained strong from the day he arrived and I don’t see it diminishing any time soon.

Fisher-Price have once again come up with a fantastic toy that not only is fun and engaging but inspiring and keeping up with modern technology and the would our children are growing up in. This would make an ideal present for all young minds.

We were given this toy for the purpose of the review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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