Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Twisting Tornado Set : Review

Benjamin was hugely excited to come home to the new Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Twisting Tornado Set the other day and got straight down to playing with it.

The Set comes with a unique motorised Thomas TrackMaster train, track, shed and spinning tornado and it connects to other TrackMaster play-sets. Assembly

The assembly of the track is quick and easy, even with an over excited pre-schooler and a kitten! I followed the track layout in the booklet to ensure the track fit and had Thomas whizzing round within minutes. The track and accessories seem very sturdy and I really like the fact the track doesn’t come apart when it’s knocked or bumped.

Once Benjamin could see how the track worked, he thoroughly enjoyed watching Thomas zip round the track, spin round in the tornado and knock over the shed and powerlines before having to race against time to put it all back together again.


The one thing I would say is that for me, the track is a little bit too short. I think there would be more enjoyment with a slightly longer track. While it’s exciting for the children to see if they can reset the shed and tornado using the attached lever in time, for slightly younger children, this can become frustrating. Benjamin has to pull the stop lever to give himself some extra time to reset the track.

As a creative little one, Benjamin also had lots of fun adding his own tunnels to the track to watch Thomas on his adventures. Having Benjamin adding to the track himself, cemented the idea that this needs a little bit more too it – it would make the perfect addition to other track play-sets or you could just add extra track to it but on its own, it doesn’t hold as much attention as it could purely because the children find it goes round too quickly.


Overall Value

Benjamin and Isabella both really enjoyed how Thomas look a little surprised and dishevelled and they loved watching him spin round and round in the tornado. The attention to detail in this little set is very well thought about. I especially love the powerlines and the shed splitting apart. It would have been so easy to have missed this elements out but they actually make the set much more enjoyable and engaging.

You will need 2 x AAA batteries for the motorised Thomas train itself.

Overall, this playset is fun and interactive and we will definitely add to the track. The children love playing with this set and at £24.99, I think it’s a good price and a worthwhile investment. It’s aimed at children 3 and over.

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