Geomag Confetti Review and Giveaway!

With everyone staying home for ‘for the foreseeable’ and being tasked with ‘home educating’ two children, when I was offered the change to review the Geomag Confetti 127 piece Kit, I was more than happy to oblige. Not only will it mean I can have a coffee in peace, but it will also be a valuable resource for the children and their learning.

We have had some of the larger magnetic building toys before but the Geomag Confetti Set is perfect for my two now they are older. Benjamin has just turned 5 and is in reception while Isabella is 7 and in year 3. Both really love being creative and building different structures.

As soon as I showed the children the Geomag Box, they couldn’t wait to open it. We decided to take it in the garden as it was a lovely warm day and we started to build lots of different shape with it.

Included in the kit, you get 60 magnetic poled and 61 magnetic balls along with six plastic bases which you can use to help reinforce your structures. You really don’t need any instructions with this STEM toy as the children will automatically start building and sticking the rods and balls together to form shapes and build structures. What I did like though was the handy booklet which helps you to build certain shapes and more complicated structures. This has been fantastic for Benjamin who has used this to aid his learning of shapes. He was even been uploading pictures to his school ‘journal’ to show his teachers.

With school being out for … well, who knows, we have been using the Geomag construction toy to help understand science and 3D shapes more. I completely love the versatility of this STEM set and the children love playing with it so from a parental point of view, it’s a win win! The rods and balls are compatible with all the Geomag sets so if you have any other collections, you can just add to them. I love sets that you can add to rather than having what seems like 100 different sets which never really fit together.

It’s not all just about 3D shapes though. Isabella has been making people all joined together and I thought, especially under the circumstances, how lovely it was. Being connected is so important to all of us and I think Isabella was showing this through her creation.

Although this set is for children 3+, the magnetic balls and rods are small so I wouldn’t advise leaving young children unsupervised.

We absolutely LOVE this kit and it will be something we play with and use in education for years to come. You can buy this al many national retailers and it has an RRP of £70.

Even better though is that we have one to giveaway!

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