Go Jetters Jet Pad Headquarters: Review

Jet Pad Headquarters

So I had never heard of Go Jetters before but when I asked Isabella and my niece, Sophie, whether they knew what it was, they were able to tell me all about it. Having seen their enthusiasm about the programme, I knew they’d love the opportunity to get stuck into the Go Jetters toys, especially when they are together on a Monday.

Go Jetters is a geography based programme which is aimed at 4-6 year olds. Go Jetters follows the adventures of four adventure-seeking superheroes: Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz, as they travel the world with their teacher, Ubercorn. The programme uses songs and music to teach children different facts all about the world we live in.

Having been introduced to Go Jetters, it has become a favourite show in our house, especially as it’s on right after dinner giving me 10 minutes to clear the table before we play games.

We were lucky enough to be sent the Go Jetters Jet Pad, Talking Ubercorn and Xuli + G. O. Dive figure pack. This set has provided hours of entertainment for the children and Isabella had loved re-creating the Go Jetters stories as well as making up her own exciting tales.


I love how the Jet pad Headquarters is big enough to be a useful base for imaginative play, but that it can also store away easily. We have lots of smaller boxes in a unit and once folded, the Go Jetters Headquarters fits nicely inside. 

A real bonus feature for me is how all the small figures and extras are easily stored inside the Jet Pad so items won’t get lost.

Admittedly I do have to tidy it away because Isabella hasn’t quite managed to get the hang of the almost Tetris like manner in which you have to store all the pieces but she does give it a good try. You also have to remove the slide and ladder to close the Jed Pad which is a shame but on the positive side of this, they are less likely to snap off!

Things we love

Isabella absolutely loves the projector and thinks it’s amazing; she will often turn the lights out and fly around the living room shining the projector on the walls and the ceiling.  The fact that she is also able to change the image projected as well as the projector moving to project inside the Jet Pad when open keeps her entertained for long periods of time.

Being able to add all the characters and still have enough room to store them inside the Jet Pad. The theme song, phrases and sound effects really help to stimulate and encourage imaginative play. It’s very well build and sturdy enough, even when smaller hands decide to come and join in the fun.

Would we recommend?

Yes, absolutely. For me, this is well worth the money and has provided lots of opportunities for play.

Talking Ubercorn

Isabella has in the last year become more attached to soft toys than before and as soon as she saw the talking Ubercorn, she was drawn to it. She loved pushing in his tummy and hearing him speak. He says familiar phrases from the show and also sings two songs; the theme tune and the funky facts song.

The first night Isabella had Ubercorn, she had to take him to bed with her as he was so soft and she lay there for at least 20 minutes playing before she finally fell asleep with him laying in her arms. Although he doesn’t get played with quite as much as the Get Pad, he’s still a favourite for bedtime.


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