How to make a lockdown birthday special

With another potential ‘lockdown birthday’ coming up for my son (his birthday is the end of March) we are looking at things that we can do to make this lockdown birthday special for him. Turning 6 is a big deal after all. Cake, gifts, friends and family are all up there on the party checklist.

However, the thing Benjamin would love more than anything in the world is to see his friends. We just can’t get him this gift in the current climate so we asked him for a birthday list of top presents he would like. What we didn’t anticipate was an almost 6-year-old not being able to tell us what he wants for his birthday – don’t they always want something or other? Well, we’ve put it down to not being able to get inspiration from friends or the shops so we’re turning to Wicked Uncle to help!

If you’ve never heard of Wicked Uncle before, you’re in for a treat. You can get age, gender or theme relevant gift inspiration at the click of a few buttons and better still, the gift ideas are unique and inspiring. There’ a real eclectic mix of toys and gifts to suit your little person. If you’re buying for someone else, there’s even a gift-wrapping option for you to choose at checkout. What I love about Wicked Uncle is the choice and the ease of use and functionality of the website. My son has been able to easily navigate the site to help put his birthday list together. You will notice a little overlap with the gifts on different age/gender lists so we always have a peek at the age range around his actual age too. We’ve actually found Wicked Uncle has helped us find great gifts over the years especially when other parents have told us they don’t know what we can get for their children.

But we all know a birthday isn’t just about the gifts. We are looking at making the whole day as special as we can for Benjamin. As part of his birthday treat, his Nana and Grandad bought him a high sleeper bed and we redecorated his bedroom with a shark theme (we know it’s a bit early but the bed arrived sooner than we thought!) Because of his new room, Benjamin decided he would like a shark theme party so we are looking into how to make it totally ‘jawsome’.


I hopped onto Pinterest to pick up some ideas. I always find Pinterest great for party inspiration so figured they could help me make this lockdown birthday special too. So first of all, to make the lounge look amazing, we are thinking of using blue and white balloons – perhaps in a balloon arch over the fireplace. I’ve seen a few of these and they look stunning. Teaming this with a blue foil curtain backdrop along the main wall, and adding some finishing touches with underwater themed balloons. Benjamin has seen a Jaws style cake that he’d like me to make too. Using some shark themed partywear to go with the cake and some shark themed tasty treats, the kitchen should also look totally jawesome.

As for games, I thought about cutting out a shark head shape from cardboard and paining it to create a beanbag game plus doing some underwater themed craft activities or cookie decorating and getting a shark pinata to play. We might even do a treasure hunt around the house for Benjamin to find all his presents.  After dinner, we are thinking about doing a disco at night. The children love having a disco night and even though they only stay up a little later than usual, they feel like it’s a real treat. We might try and get a couple of his friends to do a zoom call during the day with an activity or two that they can do together so they feel like they have seen each other too. I can drop round a party bag of items needed for the activities before the day so everything is prepped and ready.

What things have you done to make your lockdown birthday special? If you’ve got any ideas, I’d really love to hear them!


  1. Lockdown birthdays are horrible, I think we have all had one now. It is hard as we have to think so differently, with zoom parties, and deliveries of cakes balloons and all the fun stuff

  2. Love the effort you have put in. Good to not be defeated by the current restrictions and to get creative. Well done you!

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