Little Tikes Duel Twister Review

With the Great British weather being what it is, having a toy that you can get just as much enjoyment out of when indoors as well as outdoors is always going to be a bonus, especially for parents. The Little Tikes Duel Twister offers just this – there is plenty of fun to have whether the weather is wet or dry.

Quick and easy set up

The set up was easy and quick – you just need to click the central pole and wheel into place before letting your little ones spin to their hearts’ content. This is brilliant as the children were too excited to wait for a big build. It’s well made, strong and relatively sturdy although it’s definitely aimed more for the smaller framed children than the taller, heavier ones. Although it is aimed at 2-5 year olds; my daughter is 5 and I would say she’s almost too big for it. When she’s spinning on her own, she can easily tip up which is a shame as she loves it so much. She does however delight in spinning round with her brother and they can spend ages ‘sailing’ the treacherous waters on an adventurous voyage.

Little Tikes duel twister indoors

Alone or together

The concept is simple but so fun. Alone or together, spin as fast as you dare and take it outside for some water fun too. Both my two have absolutely loved this Duel Spinner and while they are more than happy to play on it by themselves, if they are feeling particularly adventurous, they will as us to push them so they go even faster. While this is predominantly a physical toy, the children will sit and play imaginatively with it too.

Little Tikes duel twister inside

Having a toy that offers so much thrill and excitement is brilliant as it gets the children moving even if it’s too wet to play outside. Now we are starting to see some sunshine we’ve taken the spinner outside but are yet to try out the water element. Neither of the children have been brave enough. Attaching the hose is very simple though so when summer does finally make an appearance, we will be sure to fully test the fun of the spray.

Little Tikes Duel Twister outside

The kids think this is a great toy and have loved every second of reviewing it. They give it a big 5/5! There’s so much more to choose from in the new Little Tikes range too, I’m sure you’ll find plenty for some summer fun! We loev Little Tikes new range as well as some of their other toys too. 

Duel Twister

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