Little Tikes Tyre Twister: Review

The kids have been playing with this Little Tikes RC Tyre Twister for a few weeks now and they both love it. I thought the actual car would be like any other remote control car but with the added fun of the tyre. I am surprised to say that it’s not though; it’s better. It’s a double sided racing car that doesn’t fail to impress.

The element that the kids love the most is that you can control each side of the car separately so you can easily manoeuvre the car round bends or get the car to spin 360 round and round.

As well as being super easy to drive, I love how if the car does backflips in the tyre and you can still drive it by reversing the controls. This means that play doesn’t have to stop to turn the car back the right way.

What’s inside?

This toy comes in three pieces: the tyre, the car and the remote. Although it needs 5 AA batteries, we’ve been using it since Christmas and we haven’t needed to change the batteries, even when the kids have forgotten to turn the controls off.

The Tyre Twister is easy for my 4-year-old to use but equally, my 21 month old can use this car easily and he loves it – although he prefers just using the car.


As well as being a super fun toy for both my children to enjoy, I really love the durability and build of it too. It’s got to be strong and well-built if it’s going to last and no matter how many times it’s been bumped into the wall or other toys, it hasn’t affected use at all.

We mainly use this on a carpeted floor and it works brilliantly. It doesn’t seem to impair the speed or use of the product at all. This is a brilliant RC two in one toy and would make a great gift for any upcoming birthday.

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