Luvabella Newborn Doll : Review

If your little one adores babies and dolls, the Luvabella Newborn is going to be the best baby doll they have ever set their eyes on. She is wonderfully soft and as realistic as a toy could be.

My 7 year old recently started playing with her dolls again. She stopped for a couple of years and didn’t seem overly interested but just before her birthday, we noticed her playing more and more with her dolls and became really maternal with them. As soon as Isabella set eyes on the Luvabella Newborn, she was in love! She couldn’t get over how ‘real’ the doll was.

So what does she do?

Luvabella is the sweetest little baby doll with the softest of skin who coos, giggles, breathes, burbs and lightly snores. She will glug down her bottle of milk and suck on her dummy to fall asleep. When she’s drifting off into a sleep, her little chest will rise and fall just like she was really breathing. All these tiny details are what make Luvabella the most adorable little newborn for small mummies to care for.

Instant Love

As I mentioned earlier, Isabella fell instantly in love with Luvabella. She wouldn’t put her down at all and carried her softly everywhere she went. I finally managed to persuade her that Luvabella was tired and needed a sleep while Isabella ate her dinner. It was so adorable to watch. Looking at those loving glances that we gave our own children made me smile.

Easy to use

Once you have put the required AA batteries in, Luvabella works instantly. She coos and cries and gurgles and giggles away, especially if you whizz her gently around. This was one of Isabella’s favourite things to do. She would be rewarded by giggles and joy so knew just how to make her baby happy. We found sometimes you had to move the bottle or dummy slightly higher than originally placed else Luvabella would keep repeating the ‘ahh’ sound as if she were just opening her mouth and not actually feeding. This took Isabella a little bit of time to get right but once she realised, she was easily able to feed her baby again.

We really do love our Luvabella – she’s a wonderful little thing and really does keep the children entertained. She won’t be a one hit wonder, that’s for sure! We’ve had Luvabella about a month now and she is still a regular toy to be played with. I think this really is going to be one of the top rated toys for the festive season so make sure you grab yours before they sell out!

You can buy Luvabella at all good toy retailers such as Argos, The Entertainer and Smyths.

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