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My mum bought me this swing when I was still pregnant with my little one and I couldn’t wait to use it. With its bright and fun design, it’s suitable for both boys and girls and as I didn’t know what I was having, it was perfect!

I was a little disappointed at first as I thought I would have to wait until my baby could sit up on her own before I could use it however, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out it could be used from birth. It reclines to three different positions and had five different swinging speeds and so essentially will grow with my baby.

I used this swing when my daughter was about two weeks old and she loved the rocking motion and often fell asleep in it. She has just started to really interact with the toys on the toy bar at 11 weeks; I have actually added other toys to the bar as the ones included are a little small for her to reach at the minute. I love the fact that I can add my daughter’s favourite toy, as it keeps her entertained for longer periods of time.

I have found this swing so useful in the mornings when trying to get ready. It gives me the time I need to shower and get dressed knowing that Isabella will be entertained and happy. It has also come in very handy when she decides to wake up and want to play just as I finish cooking dinner! She will quite happily sit up in the swing and watch me and my hubby eating while she plays with her dangly toys.

Another of the useful features of this swing is the MP3 compatibility; it allows me to plug in my phone or MP3 player and play whatever I like. It just means that you don’t have to listen to the same five tunes over and over again and means the experience can be more pleasurable for all of us (Daddy especially likes this feature).

A feature that will come in handy when I start weaning Isabella is the lockable stationary seat. Within seconds, the swing can turn into a handy stationary seat suitable for feeding in. The whole system feels very strong and sturdy and I know that this will last for future babies too!

My only negative about this swing is that I don’t personally feel it is padded enough for the baby to be really comfortable. I have seen other swings that offer more padding for delicate babies.

This swing retails at £99 so is right at the top of the price range for swings and bouncers and while I love this product, I think there are other products available that will do a similar job for less money. I would however recommend this product to a friend.


  1. I’ve just purchased this swing and was testing it out. The motor seems quite noisy and the swing settings don’t seem to vary much in speed. I know that may be because there is not a baby in there but we’ve put things in the swing to way it down. We also have to push it to start it off. Did you have this problem?

    • Hi Claire,
      We really loved our swing and didn’t find the motor noisy at all; there was a faint whirring but it wasn’t annoying and it wasn’t noticeable to the point it irritated us. We too tried it out before baby was here and found it didn’t really move much and we had to push it to start, even with a bag of sugar in it. However, when baby arrived, it worked just fine. It must need a certain weight and balance to work properly. The speed settings take a minute or so to really change but when baby is in there, setting 5 is too much for a newborn. If you have a friend with a little one, perhaps you could test it with a baby in? I’m sure it’s fine – if not Mamas and Papas are GREAT at replacing faulty items that are in warranty. When id your little one due? x

  2. This review is really helpful – I bought it second hand and had no idea you could plug an iPod into it. My little one seems to like it – he’s two weeks old and I used it for the first time today. I was worried it was a bit fast on the slowest setting but he doesn’t seem to mind, he’s fallen asleep already.


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