Mamas & Papas MAGIC Stargaze Playmat

The Mamas & Papas MAGIC Stargaze Playmat is designed from birth upwards and I think it’s a brilliant buy.

Mamas and Papas describe their MAGIC Stargaze playmat as an interactive touch pad mat with an arch that holds pull toys to trigger lights and sounds to stimulate baby’s development. It comes with one Musical Fun magic card pack (4 additional ones are available at £16 each), a cushion to help with tummy time, teething toys and a movable mirror. The lights on the arch change according to the tune selected and the tabs when hit change the music and give sound effects. You can also add your own hanging toys from the arches.
I looked at many playmats and what appealed to me about the Stargaze was the fact that, as well as the many ways to entertain and help develop a baby’s senses, I could play an MP3 player through the speakers when I got tired of the tunes. There are 4 different tunes on the card pack and I can honestly say I have only used my MP3 player once. The music is actually rather pleasant and good in sound quality. Due to the fact my son kicks the tabs and changes the music quickly, tunes often change and I’m still hearing new ones.
As soon as we brought our son home from the hospital he has loved this playmat. It has been great for helping to use up some of his energy and wonderful to witness the way he has changed his interaction with the mat as he has grown. Due to its interactivity, I do not feel guilty for having a rest on the sofa with a cup of tea whilst he has an enjoyable play, and yes, I manage to enjoy a whole mug well before he gets bored!
At £89.00 RRP, this playmat is very pricey compared to other playmats on the market but I would say it is well worth it for the hours of enjoyment it gives and the continued entertainment and stimulation it has provided. If I had to choose again I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the MAGIC Stargaze playmat and would definitely recommend it to others.

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Image: Mamas & Papas

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