Mermaid Charm Jewellery Craft Box: Review

With any school holiday I look for fun things that the children to do to keep them, and me, entertained. As the weather gets warmer, it’s easier to get out and about but there are still days we’d rather spend time indoors. For these days, craft boxes are a perfect solution to keeping the children entertained.

Over the Easter holidays, Isabella and Benjamin found themselves creating jewellery (as well as a fishing line?!) with Interplay’s new Mermaid Charm jewellery making set. Although it’s aimed at 4+, with strict supervision, I let Benjamin have a little turn too.

Isabella is becoming so much more independent and able to perform tasks that 6 months ago was a struggle so I was intrigued to see how well she would get on with this. I was actually a little surprised – although she is very good at threading larger items, she usually struggles to get the small beads onto the thread (mainly because the thread frays). Because this kit comes with stretch cord, rather than thread, Isabella actually found the making process a lot easier.

Metal Charms

Aside from the obvious attraction to the metal mermaid charms (lots of similar sets only include plastic charms!), Isabella loved the range of beads available. There are around 300 different beads to use including 75 bicone beads – blue, green and purple, 45 faceted beads – pink, blue and turquoise, 125 round beads – silver, fuchsia, purple and coral, 20 pearl beads – pale gold and cream, 10 assorted shell and starfish beads, 5 gold colour metal charms and 5 silver colour metal charms.

Amazingly, Isabella only needed me to tie the knots at each end of the clasps and attach the keyrings to the metal charms and she was away! To ensure the clasps are secure, you need to tie a knot using a small clasp bead which sits neatly inside the clasp. I thought this was a really useful trick rather than tying multiple knows and still being able to pull the cord through the clasp!

As any little girl would, Isabella used all the beautiful silver metal charms first and couldn’t wait to wear her new jewellery. As well as making gorgeous jewellery, Isabella decided to turn one of her necklaces into a fishing line. When I asked her why, she told me it was because the fish bead kept sliding to the bottom of the line and it looked like she had caught a fish! (If you look closely in the background, you can see her ‘fishing’).

We have had lots of fun getting creative with this set and I would definitely recommend it as a brilliant gift for any little girl. You can find out more about this set and browse all the other amazing sets that Interplay have to offer on their website.

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  1. Look how happy she is. Are the charms easy to put on and are they good quality? We’ve tried a few which have been rubbish.

    • Hi Paige, yes, the charms are very easy to use – they have a little hook (like you’d get on a keyring) and can be put on after you’ve made the rest of the necklace/bracelet.

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