Mi-Mic Karaoke Microphone

We’ve been testing out the Mi-Mic Karaoke Microphone for a few weeks now and I have to say it’s brilliant. The whole family have enjoyed this one and we think it would make an ideal Christmas Day activity.

It’s essentially a wireless handheld Bluetooth speaker and microphone in one with the added bonus of having ‘disco lights’ to light up the speaker. You can connect the Mi-Mic to your phone, tablet or SD card and it’s so quick and simple to do, you will be singing in no time! (Please note, it is recommended that to charge the microphone fully before your first use and it took around 5 hours for ours to charge).

You can change the output volume on the device as well as adding in an echo for extra fun while singing and you can choose a static colour or moving colours to light up your Mi-Mike during any ‘production’. You can even choose a setting that the lights mirror the music for extra dazzling fun. The user can choose to sing alone or alongside streamed music.

Fantastic Fun

The children, as I mentioned above, have thoroughly enjoyed this toy. It is so much simpler than a more traditional karaoke system and because it doesn’t have any wires attached, it’s less likely to be tripped over or have plugs pulled out. They children can move and prance around as though they were music legends themselves.

The volume and echo functions are adjustable my sliding ‘buttons’ they are easy to slide and the children can work them well. On the side of the microphone id another switch which can be used to skip songs forwards and backwards. This is great but small users might accidentally knock this and change their song mid flow.

Although this is a brilliant toy, it is just that. The Mi-Mic speaker and microphone aren’t suited for extreme karaoke but they are perfectly fine for a fun afternoon of singing and dancing. When you sing into the Mi-Mike, you almost have to have your mouth touching the microphone otherwise your voice isn’t really picked up. This is fine for the children because they all seem to want to eat the microphone as they sing anyway!

One thing to conside

The only thing for me that let this toy down was the charger. We only managed to use the charger once before the end snapped and was useless. I would like to see a more solid feeling charger (with plug attachment) rather than a seemingly cheap USB charging cable for the money.

Overall though we have loved playing with the Mi-Mic and think it would make a great Christmas present.





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