Micro Toy Box Collectibles – Series 1

If you love tiny toys and unboxing toys, you are going to go mad for these incredibly cute and supper detailed mini-toys! Taking some real classics and some of the more contemporary toys and games and shrinking them to minute replicas, the new and super cute Micro Toy Box collectibles let your kids unbox some of the greatest toys ever made and there are over 50 to collect!

Each toy is around 2-3cms long and come in their own packaging which makes them perfect for setting up your own Micro Toy Shop. My two just adore how cute and dinky these toys are.

What do you get?

You can choose either packs of 5, 10, 15 or 20 miniature toys and stickers. In the larger 20 pack, you get 14 which you can see and 6 mystery toys to peel and reveal. In the 15 pack, you get 5 mystery toys to peel and reveal while in the 5 pack, you see 1 micro toy and can peel and reveal the other 4 once it’s opened. Not only do you reveal some awesome miniature toys but you also get some stickers to help you make your signage for inside your very own toy super store.

Some of the 50 Micro Toys you might peel and reveal include: Hot Wheels, My Little Pony, Barbie, Nerf, Stretch Arm Strong and some more classic items such as Glowworm (still my favourite!), Rubik’s, Rock-a-Stack and Monopoly.

The smallest of the packs will cost you £6.99 and for this you will get 5 toys, the biggest pack with 20 Micro Toys inside will cost you £19.99. Whatever budget you have, you can find a pack size to suit you at Smyths Toys Superstores.

Shopping Trip

We were kindly sent a 5 and 15 pack and headed out to our local store to find a 20 pack too! Having walked the aisles, we found them close to the checkouts (in fact, the security guard was standing in front of them so we had to ask to find them!). They seem to be located with all the other collectibles at the front of the store. The children picked up the pack they wanted, payed and couldn’t wait to get home to start peeling and revealing.

Being able to see a lot of the toys before hand is actually quite handy rather than buying a whole ‘blind box’ of toys. It allows you to find the Micro Toys you are hunting for as well as giving you the element of surprise too.


These new and exciting Micro Toy Box Collectibles really appeal to my children as they get to play with them alongside their other toys too. They really love a good ‘blind box’ toy but also love the fact they can pick some of the toys they don’t already own.

In our 3 packs, a 20, 15 and 5, we managed to collect 29 different toys including some of the rare ones. These toys are aimed at children 8+ because they are so small. Some of the action figures even come with small swords and shields so they really aren’t suitable for young children.

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