Must-have toys for entertaining the kids

Entertaining kids of all ages can be challenging and these days many parents fall into a trap of allowing too much “screen time” to beat the boredom. Although certain forms of technology can be useful for children to learn certain skills, and of course pass the time, there are also many classic toys and games that are perfect for keeping them busy both indoors and outdoor. If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look below at our list of the best items that will keep them engaged for hours. At AliExpress, you can also find lots of deals to save you money by checking out BravoVoucher at


There’s a good reason why Lego has been around for so long and is still popular today. It’s a great way to keep children busy on a rainy afternoon and the creative possibilities are endless. It’s an activity that can be done individually or in a small group and there are many different kinds of Lego for all ages and abilities. The Classic Large Creative Brick Box has 790 pieces so whatever they choose to create, the sky is the limit!


This family card game was created back in the 1970s and is still a big hit now. It’s a simple game, so ideal for all ages, and the whole family can enjoy it together. It’s also very practical, the set of cards is so small it can literally be taken anywhere, so as well as playing it at home, you can also take it to the park, the beach, or anywhere else you fancy. 


Another family game that hasn’t gone out of style is, of course, Monopoly and it’s not just for kids. It’s a fun and exciting board game that can be played at home with 2 to 6 players, so everyone can get involved. As well as the classic version, you can also get Monopoly Junior which is aimed at kids from 5 years and over. One of the best things about this game is that it’s actually very educational too, and can help develop maths and geographical skills.  

Water Games

When it comes to outdoor games and activities, you won’t find a child that doesn’t love playing with water. It doesn’t have to mean investing in a swimming pool, or even a paddling pool to keep them happy. All you really need is some water balloons, and maybe some classic water pistols to get them active. They can enjoy fun outdoor races, games, and battles and it will also keep them cool on hot summer days!


For younger kids, a classic outdoor playhouse can guarantee hours and hours of fun, weather permitting. If you have space in your garden, it is worth considering one of these. You can let their imaginations run wild as they wear themselves out playing “house” or any other games they choose. 

Etch a Sketch

If your children aren’t ready for a tablet or mobile device, you may find that the next best thing is the timeless portable art canvas from Etch a Sketch. It’s fun and lets them use their creativity and best of all, you can take it anywhere and there’s no need to worry about batteries, chargers, or wifi.

Hopefully, this list of classic toys and games has given you some inspiration for entertainment solutions, and you can evoke your inner child if you get involved too! When it comes to half-term and school holidays, you may need some extra ideas on what activities to do as a family, so check out these helpful guides from the Guardian Magazine.

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